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Top Questions to Ask When Interviewing a Real Estate Agent

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Whether you're buying or selling a home, one of the most important parts of the process is finding the right real estate agent to help with each step. A real estate agent can make the transaction smoother and avoid complications that can occur if you have a lack of experience. If you're interviewing the professional, there are a few essential questions to ask before requesting their services.

How Much Experience Do You Have in Real Estate?

The number of years that an agent has worked in the industry will determine how quickly your house sells or the number of properties that you're exposed to when shopping for a new home. They'll also have more connections if they've worked in the industry for several years, which can allow you to easily be connected to a home inspector or an electrician.

Do You Have References?

The real estate agent that you're considering may have a good reputation, but it's important that you do your homework to ensure that you have a pleasant experience. Request references to get in contact with former clients and ask about their experience, according to If you're selling a home, you can ask how long their home took to sell. If you're looking to buy a property, ask the client how well the agent negotiated a lower rate after you made an offer. Request up to three references to ensure that you get an understanding of other individuals' past experiences.

What Areas Do You Cover?

It's important that the agent that you use covers the neighborhood that you want to buy a home in to ensure that you use the services of an expert. You can find someone locally by conducting an online search. The agent should know intimate knowledge of local markets to ensure that they can guide you in the right direction and are aware of how much homes are selling for in the region.

How Do You Communicate?

Communication is crucial when working with a real estate agent to ensure that they get back to you when you have requests and keep you in the loop. They should be honest and transparent even if they have to give you news that you may not want to hear. Some agents are great about picking up the phone each time that you call while others prefer to send text messages throughout the day. Others will request that you email them when you want to communicate. You should have the same method of communication as the agent to ensure that you're comfortable working with them.

Are You on a Team?

Ask the real estate agents that you interview if they work solo or on a team. Real estate teams are extremely common and may have other people that handle the paperwork. If they work on a team, they may have other agents who are in contact with you throughout the process. Working on a team can also mean that you get more attention from the agent because they have other people who handle all of the logistics.

A drawback of hiring an agent on a team is that the agent may not always be available to assist you and will have someone else who works with you.

How Quickly Can You Get Me Into a Home or Sell My Home?

According to, it's important to get a timeframe from the agent to determine how quickly they work and when you can move out. Hot homes sell quickly, making it necessary to ask how they'll handle last-minute tours of the home that are requested by potential buyers.

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