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Travel Diary: Visiting the God’s Miraculous Creations in New Zealand

Thu, May. 18, 2017 Posted: 02:11 PM

New Zealand is divine. It is one of those must-go destinations for any Christian looking to relax and unwind as they enjoy the beauty that is in God’s magnificent creations. You remember instances you have marveled at nature and seen God’s architecture at play? Well, New Zealand will give you a lot of those moments.

As a first-time New Zealand tourist, I was faced with so many options of where to go and what to do - just look at some of the locations you can visit in New Zealand. I wanted a memorable trip and that is exactly what I got. Out of the many experiences I got from my New Zealand tours, below are some sites I would definitely recommend to anyone.

Lake Taupo

This was one of my favorites. It does not get as spiritual as water; it was there in the beginning after all. Lake Taupo is so large a lake that it becomes impossible to see what lays at the other ends of the shore. According to New Zealand history, it was formed after a volcanic eruption that happened almost 2000 years ago. There are so many things to do around this site.

You can take in all the beauty as you reflect, you can also indulge in hyper activities such as speed-boating and parasailing - if in the right mood. For those that are adrenaline induced, you can skydive around the lake and take in the beautiful view and thrill. This location is, in fact, the second most popular skydiving location in the region.

Cardboard Cathedral

This is an Anglican Diocese in New Zealand made of cardboard; a simple yet interesting piece of architecture. This church is 21 meters high and apart from cardboards, its structure is made up of timber, steel, polycarbonate and shipping containers. Do not be fooled by the materials that made this church, it is a sight to behold. During your tour of New Zealand, pass by the Cardboard Cathedral for a sermon as you get to experience one of the most interesting pieces of architecture in the region.

Sky Tower

The first thing that came to my mind when I approached the Sky Tower was the Tower of Babel. This tower is the tallest building in New Zealand, standing at 1,076 feet high. This will work for people who are looking to experience the thrill and see the earth below from a 'higher perspective’ in all aspects of the word.

The tower has three viewing platforms that are accessed by glass elevators; this means you can take the view all in. At 629 feet, there is a SkyWalk - a path that will lead you to walk around the tower. There is also a bungee jumping platform at this height and since New Zealand is the home of commercial bungee jumping, an attempt in the activity would be a great way to mark your visit.

The Sky Tower also has a revolving restaurant called Orbit - booking a table will be worth your while. Mentioned above are some of the sites New Zealand has to offer but one cannot afford to limit themselves. There is much more to experience. This country proves to be one of those ideal getaways that can work well for individuals, pairs and even groups. It has many fellowship offerings and sites that will reflect upon the mysterious creations of God.

George Smith