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Blood nanoparticles on Shroud of Turin reveal victim suffered torture

Mon, Jul. 31, 2017 Posted: 01:56 PM

By Mark Ellis

Blood nanoparticles – rather than pigments associated with paint – discovered by researchers studying the Shroud of Turin reveal the victim suffered severe trauma consistent with torture.

The researchers in Italy used new techniques in electron microscopy to find the blood nanoparticles, according to CBN.

“The Blood serum tells us that before dying the person was suffering,” Dr. Elvio Carlino told CBN. Since 2001, Dr. Carlino has been the scientific director of Triest’s TASC IMO-CNR Microscopy Center.

“This means that the Turin Shroud is not fake… It is certainly the funeral fabric that wrapped a tortured man,” he said.

Dr. Carlino, along with L. De Caro, C. Giannini, and Giulio Fanti are the authors of the study: Atomic resolution studies detect new biologic evidences on the Turin Shroud, published June 30, 2017.

The Shroud of Turin is a handmade linen cloth, 4.4 meters long and 1.1 meter wide, revealing a double image of the dead body of a scourged, thorn-crowned man who was stabbed in the side and crucified.

Many Christians believe it was the burial cloth of Jesus. Others think that it is a fake. However, the image on the Shroud has not been adequately explained or reproduced by scientists.

Researchers said the nanoparticles they found were a “peculiar structure, size and distribution,” according to Dr. Fanti, a professor at the University of Padua.

Tests on the nanoparticles taken from the foot of image on the Shroud revealed they are not typical of the blood found in a healthy person.


Mark Ellis