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Brussels attack: Americans’ lives spared because they stopped for a snack

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ABC News
Dr. Billiet (left) with friend Laura Harper

By Mark Ellis

Two American Christian friends from Alabama would have been at the check-in counter at the Brussels airport when a massive bomb exploded nearby, but were delayed a few crucial minutes by stopping for a snack on the way to the airport.

Dr. Laura Billiet, an internal medicine specialist, was dropping off her friend Laura Harper at the airport when they heard an explosion—the first of the two that rocked the airport early Tuesday.

Dr. Billiet has been living in Brussels temporarily with her family. She and Harper have been friends since elementary school in Huntsville, Alabama. Harper had come to visit Dr. Billiet because her youngest son was being baptized, according to AL.com.

They were running a few minutes late after Dr. Billiet’s brother-in-law had asked to stop for croissants on the way to the airport.

“If we had arrived one minute earlier, we would have been right inside, right where it happened,” said Harper. “(The explosion happened) at the counter I was going to. I’m just so grateful.”

The two found themselves in the midst of a nightmarish situation. “It was very surreal. It was not that loud of a sound,” Harper told ABC News. “At first I wasn’t concerned and then I thought, ‘Wait, that doesn’t make sense. Why would I hear that?’ When I turned around, I saw glass and dust billowing out. I said, ‘That was a bomb.'”

Dr. Billiet said she didn’t realize what had happened until Harper told her it was a bomb and they needed to try and drive away. But since all the other vehicles were trying to leave as well, they were stuck near the airport as the second bomb went off, showering the area nearby in glass.

“It’s another bomb!” Harper cried. “Let’s get out and run.” Harper told Charisma News that she is a Christian and prayer was her first response to the ordeal.

The two found shelter in a nearby police station. The police left immediately to see what happened, so they brussels-belgiumfound themselves virtually alone in the police station as waves of injured people started to arrive, Dr. Billiet recounted.


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