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‘Civil liberties’ concerns shut down probe that may have uncovered San Bernardino plot

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San Bernardino terror couple

By Mark Ellis

A recently retired employee of the Department of Homeland Security alleges that government officials shut down an investigation he initiated that may have uncovered the terror plot in San Bernardino.

He says the probe was halted in 2013 due to civil liberties concerns.

“There are terrorists in our midst and they arrived here using legal means right under the noses of the federal law enforcement agencies,” writes Philip Haney in a piece published by The Hill. Haney worked with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) for 13 years.

At DHS, he identified individuals affiliated with large, but less well-known Islamist groups operating within the United States, such as Tablighi Jamaat.

“At the National Targeting Center, formed to ‘connect the dots,’ I played a major role in an investigation into this trans-national Islamist network,” Haney notes.

His team created records of individuals, mosques, Islamic Centers and schools across the United States involved in radicalization efforts.

“The mosque in San Bernardino was affiliated with this network and we had identified a member of it in our investigation. Sayed Farook frequented that mosque and was well-known to the congregation and mosque leadership,” Haney reports.


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