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Computer scientist-engineer experienced frightening near-death experience of hell, glorious vision of heaven (Part 2)

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Randall Rathbun

By Mark Ellis

He was a computer scientist-engineer working on the F-22 stealth fighter project in 2002 when he had a massive automobile crash in which he nearly died. As his car flew through the air he lost consciousness, and God gave him a frightening vision of hell.

In his vision, his chained body hurtled downward toward the Lake of Fire and he heard awful screams and felt choking smoke and heat. He also saw three Scriptures that convicted him about his double life. He had been attending church regularly but visiting prostitutes on the weekend.

As the roar of hell’s fiery flames rose to meet him, suddenly everything went dark for a second and he found himself 3,000 miles above the earth.

“The first thing I said, was ‘I got out, I don’t know how I escaped, how I got out.”

Then Rathbun had a personal encounter with God the Father. Rathbun says the Father was obscured so he could not see him.

“My son, you have an important decision to make and I’m going to let you make the decision and give you all the time you need to make it,” the Father began.

Rathbun was struck by His authority. “His voice had so much authority the universe would shake. You couldn’t get any more authority than that voice. It was the authority that said ‘let there be light’ and it was done. I had never heard that kind of authority my whole life.”

Then the Father said something that surprised him: “I trust you my son.”

“I hadn’t heard my own earthly dad say that in 51 years. My own dad didn’t trust me. Here was the person with the most authority telling me he trusted me.”

Rathbun tried to argue with Him. “This doesn’t make any sense at all. I was almost in hell. I almost hit the Lake of Fire. I did everything to disobey you. I went against your Word. How could you trust me?”

“I know all that and I have put all that on my own son,” He said. Rathbun knew that all his sins had been placed on Jesus on the cross, but now, it became much more real.

Then the Father told Rathbun he would let him see areas of heaven. “After you are done sampling these areas of heaven you can decide where you want to go and be.”

Then Rathbun went on the tour of his life. The first thing that struck him was the immensity of heaven. “It is huge. It is a very joyous place. Everywhere I looked was praise and worship. All of heaven was permeated with wonderful joy, very harmonious. It was the opposite of hell with people screaming and yelling. I went from night into day, darkness into light. Now I could see how good the good really was,” he recounts.

Universities in heaven

The first area of heaven Rathbun visited involved education. “I had been a magna summa cum laude graduate from college. I was valedictorian of my high school and college. The Father let me know there are universities of learning in heaven.”

“He reminded me that all knowledge comes from Himself.” Rathbun was startled to find areas in heaven with colleges similar to his earthly experience. However, one difference is that none of the books and none of the instruction contain anything in error, only truth.

The Father told him he could continue to grow in his understanding of mathematics. “Math is not an earthly invention; it is something God overlaid on all creation,” Rathbun notes. “Mathematics is how God puts things together. God is a lawful God and mathematics is a pure description of God’s law.”

Artistic endeavors continue

In the second area he visited he saw people engaged in artistic activities, making crafts and other things with their own hands.

“I had finished carpentry for five years and had done well. The Father knew I had a carpentry talent. He showed me the place where you take your gifts. He knows the gifts and talents he gave you,” and encourages you to further develop them in heaven.

“You can be a carpenter here like my son,” the Father told him.

“I saw women working with embroidery, making the most incredible tapestries for the homes in heaven. They were using transparent but shiny cloth. It vastly exceeded anything on earth. The women did it out of love. One of the joys of heaven is to continue to make things like this – fine furniture, jewelry, and gifts to give to each other.”

The orchards of heaven

Then God placed Rathbun in the middle of an apricot orchard. “There are vast orchards in heaven,” he reports. “John writes about the Tree of Life and the 12 fruits.”

Rathbun inspected ripe apricots on the trees. “Everything glows with light up there and is transparent. You can actually see through the stuff. It is not like matter down here. It is like looking at glass but they are living things, glowing with the light of God.”


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