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Detroit doctor arrested for performing female genital mutilation on young girls

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Girl in Egypt undergoes FGM

By Mark Ellis

A Detroit emergency room doctor has been arrested and charged in connection with performing female genital mutilation (FGM) on underage girls.

Doctor Jumana Nagarwala, 44, of Northville, Michigan is accused of performing the horrific procedure on girls ages six to eight. Dr. Nagarwala is on the staff at Henry Ford Hospital, according to WXYZ Detroit, an ABC affiliate.

According to a criminal complaint, Dr. Nagarwala performed the procedure on girls at a medical clinic in Livonia, a suburb of Detroit.

Some girls were transported from other states for the illegal procedure. FGM involves the removal or partial removal of the clitoris, known as a clitoridectomy. FGM is internationally recognized as a violation of the human rights of women and girls.

FGM is a religious and cultural practice usually associated with Islam. While there is no mention of it in the Quran, several sayings in the hadith attributed to Muhammad praise the procedure.

The purpose of FGM is to quash female sexuality by reducing sexual pleasure. It is practiced in at least 28 countries in sub-Saharan Africa, and in a few countries in the Middle East and Asia. It is estimated that 100 to 140 million girls have undergone FGM worldwide, according to a 2008 report by the USAID.

In one case outlined in the criminal complaint against Dr. Nagarwala, a 7-year-old was brought by her family from Minnesota. The child said she was brought to Detroit for “special girls trip.”


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