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Elon Musk’s salvation plan for humanity

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Elon Musk at Astronautical Conference

By Mark Ellis

SpaceX founder and Tesla co-founder Elon Musk is not pinning his hopes on God’s plan for a new Heaven and a new Earth.

He is offering an astonishing and remarkably detailed Plan B: to escape the confines of Earth before the apocalypse arrives, colonize Mars, and eventually move out to other planets and stellar bodies in the far reaches of our solar system.

Musk sees two paths diverging in the years ahead. “History is going to bifurcate along two directions: One path is we stay on Earth forever, and then there will be some eventual extinction event — I don’t have an immediate doomsday prophecy — but eventually…there will be some doomsday event,” he declared.

“The alternative is to become a space-faring civilization and a multi-planet species, which I hope you agree that is the right way to go.”

He delivered these remarks in a 63-minute talk, “Making Humans a Multi-planetary Species” before the 67th International Astronautical Congress in Guadalajara, Mexico on September 27th.

From a secular perspective, it might be considered one of the most momentous talks in human history. The audience greeted Musk like a rock star, interrupting his remarks on numerous occasions with boisterous cheers as they began to grasp the enormity of his daring plan for humanity’s future.

His plans are so detailed and so far along in the implementation, they cannot be dismissed as the wild musings of someone obsessed with sci-fi fantasy. No, Musk is well on his way to achieving his objective, bankrolled initially by contracts with NASA and his own billions.

“I know that there’s a lot of people in the private sector who are interested in helping fund a base on Mars,” he noted. “And then perhaps they’ll be interest on the government sector side to also do that.”

Ultimately, the mission will be accomplished as a public-private partnership, he said. “I think, as we show that this is possible, that this dream is real, not just a dream — it’s something that can be made real — I think the support will snowball over time.”

A number of factors make Mars an ideal candidate for colonization, as opposed to other alternatives, according to Musk. A day on Mars is 24-and-a-half hours, remarkably similar to Earth.

“We now believe that early Mars was a lot like Earth. (It has) decent sunlight. It’s a little cold, but we can warm it up,” he noted. With CO2, nitrogen, argon, and other trace elements available, plants can be grown by compressing the atmosphere.

Gravity is about 37% that of Earth, so humans will be able to lift heavy objects and “bound around” with greater ease.


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