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God used stalled car to lead Muslim to Christ

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By Mark Ellis

Mounir is an Egyptian Christian living in Southern California. One day his car stalled on a busy freeway in Southern California. Upset by this unscheduled delay in his plans, he called the Auto Club for roadside assistance.

They sent a truck driven by Muhammad, a recent immigrant from Iran. Unable to get the car to run, Muhammad hoisted the car on the back of the tow truck.

As they rode together to a service station, Mounir asked, “So, how are things going in Iran?” Muhammad launched into a litany of problems and concerns plaguing his former country.

After listening for a bit, Mounir said, “I don’t really know much about this terrible situation, but the one thing I really DO know is that Jesus loves you.”

Mounir then shared his dramatic testimony with Muhammad. He told the young immigrant how Jesus appeared to him as he lay in bed at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Southern California after having his entire cancer-ridden colon removed.

In the depths of his fear and concern over his health, Mounir awakened to see a bright light enter his hospital room. It was Jesus, the one known as Issa in the Quran!


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