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How actor Kirk Cameron lost his atheism

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Cameron at Emmy Awards, 1989

By Mark Ellis

At age 17 he had it all. As Mike Seaver on the hit TV show Growing Pains, he became a teen heartthrob and was making $50,000 a week. Magazines like Tiger Beat featured him regularly on their covers. He traveled the world meeting famous people.

But in his pursuit of a young woman’s affections, the girl’s father made it clear that amid all his youthful fame and success, there was one thing he lacked – God.

“There’s still something you don’t have Kirk,” the man told a surprised Cameron. “You don’t have the Lord.”

“I don’t believe in God and that’s not something I’m interested in,” he informed the dad, matter-of-factly. Cameron considered himself a “staunch” atheist, too intelligent to believe in fairytales.

When the girl’s family invited him to attend church with them later, he went reluctantly. “I only went because the girl was really cute and I wanted to get to know her,” he admits.

Sitting in a church pew for the first time brought an unexpected reaction. “This man stood up there with a Bible, which I thought was a dusty old book designed to take the fun out of your life,” he recounts.

But the message grabbed Cameron’s attention. “He explained that we were designed by God to know Him and love Him and obey Him and be in right relation with Him.”


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