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In his encounters with heaven, he found relentless joy

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Steven Musick

By Mark Ellis

He doesn’t fit the mold of some who have had near-death experiences. As a trusted financial advisor and founder of Destiny Capital, he manages over $325 million for his clients.

He’s also had two trips to heaven that left him profoundly changed.

“My calling is to bring people to the reality that the Kingdom of Heaven is closer than we think and we can appropriate it,” says Steven Musick, the author of Life After Heaven. “Heaven exists and we can experience the Kingdom of Heaven in the here and now,” he says.

Born in Denver, Musick grew up attending Christ the King Episcopal Church, where he accepted Christ at seven-years-old. “I didn’t understand the depth of what that commitment meant,” he recounts in his book. “I went through catechism, was an altar boy, and always loved being in church.”

After his first year at college he ran out of money, so he enrolled in the navy’s scholarship-at-sea program, thinking it would be an adroit trade-off to have the government pay for his education while he served.

At a strapping 195 pounds, no one was able to knock him off his feet during basic training. He decided to try out for the SEALS, and was one of only three who made it through the initial selection process. But then the Navy dangled an offer before him he couldn’t refuse: a scholarship to the Naval Academy at Annapolis.

A week after he received the news, he and other sailors received inoculations using a new swine flu vaccine. “The serum (with live virus) was much too strong,” Musick recounts. “Lots of soldiers at Fort Sheridan and the sailors at Great Lakes had a very severe reaction.”

Musick came down with a wicked case of the swine flu that lingered for months. Finally he checked himself into emergency room at Great Lakes Naval Regional Medical Center.

“I had an IV in my arm and a navy nurse walks in and she had a syringe fully loaded with what they thought was the antidote to the swine flu vaccine. It turns out I was allergic to the antidote. They introduced a lethal dose directly into my system. My right arm got really hot. That heat got all the way to my armpit and then the lights went out.”

For the next five weeks Musick was in a coma in ICU. During the time in the coma, Musick had his first encounter with heaven.

Like others who have had near-death experiences, he was transported through a white tunnel. He flew through the tunnel weightless – at incredible speed – and landed at the other end in a beautiful rolling green meadow.

“There was a big wheat field to my right,” he recalls. “There was a gigantic oak tree in front of me and rolling hills and forests to the left. It’s the most vibrant place you can imagine. Nothing compares to it on earth. It’s a real place with geography, real gravity,” he says.


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