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ISIS ‘biter’ tortured woman because of her soap fragrance

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Former ISIS detention facility

By Mark Ellis —

Warning: the following contains disturbing descriptions of torture.

A chilling academic study of the ISIS prison system released August 10th exposes the horrific psychological and physical tortures inflicted by the terror organization in their enforcement of sharia law.

“The ISIS Prison System: Its Structure, Departmental Affiliations, Processes, Conditions, and Practices of Psychological and Physical Torture” by Asaad Almohammad, Ph.D., Anne Speckhard, Ph.D., & Ahmet S. Yayla, Ph.D. was based on interviews with 55 ISIS fighters and 17 Syrian civilians detained by ISIS.

The study was released by the International Center for the Study of Violent Extremism (ICSVE).

The authors found psychological torture that included the threat of execution, solitary confinement, and the placement of severed heads in cages in which detainees are being held.

One female defector who had served with the morality police said, “We would imprison women in the cemetery with skeletons, in a cage in the middle of the cemetery as a punishment. Most of the time when we went back to the cage in the morning, the woman was crazy.”

Elaborate physical tortures carried fiendish names such as: Lashing, the Fuel, Bisat al-Rih (Flying Carpet), Shabeh (Ghost), German Chair, the Biter, and the Tire.

The Biter is a tool with iron jaws mainly used on female prisoners that resembles large tongs or pliers. Captors often apply the metal jaws to the victims’ breasts causing severe pain.

One former detainee, a 63-year old woman, was on her way to visit her niece in the hospital. She had recently showered before leaving the house with a soap that apparently had a strong scent. In her rush, she forgot to wear a veil covering her face.

As she passed a group of women and men, the men shouted and ran toward her. “They started to hit me with their canes,” she recounted. “I asked them what I did. One man said that when you wear a perfume it is like you have Zina [sex out of wedlock] with every male who smells you. I told that I do not smell. I remember the hand soap might have a scent.”

Women connected to the morality police took her to jail. “In the Hisbah jail they tied me to a chair and uncovered my chest. I cried and begged them to forgive me. One of them [a female ISIS captor] told me to shut up. She then looked at my breast and asked me what happened. I told her I had cancer.

“She told me that she will make the other side look the same. She asked me whether I heard of the biter. I just cried. When she bit me with it I screamed so that maybe all the people in Raqqa heard me.”


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