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Jesus appeared to Muslim woman, answered her request for cigarettes, later brought miraculous healing

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By Mark Ellis

Nelly, a North African woman living in southern Europe, had a brain tumor and was not expected to survive much longer, but Jesus personally appeared to her in astonishing ways that upended her life.

Knowing her time was short, Nelly visited two Christian neighbors affiliated with Pioneers and asked them to visit her husband and young son after she died.

The Christian workers encouraged Nelly to pray to Jesus and ask Him for help.

Due to her Muslim background, Nelly had never prayed to Jesus. But the nature of her illness prevented her from performing her daily Muslim prayer rituals. So she went home and for the first time in her life and prayed to Jesus, according to the account by Pioneers.

As she began to pray to Jesus, something remarkable happened.

Jesus personally appeared on her balcony, walked through her two doors and spoke with her.

“What do you want,” He asked in her heart language, a North African dialect.

“I have a headache because there haven’t been any cigarettes in the house for days,” she told him.

Jesus left her as abruptly as he had appeared. Nelly went into the kitchen to make herself a cup of coffee. There, in the cupboard, a package of cigarettes had appeared!


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