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Jesus brought a blanket to imprisoned former Muslim

Thu, Nov. 09, 2017 Posted: 03:49 PM

By Mark Ellis

A Muslim man named Hamid found Jesus through his brother’s witness. When Hamid heard the Gospel, he accepted Jesus with his mind, but his heart was slow to experience the fullness of God’s love.

Timid about his faith, Hamid had no desire to risk sharing his new faith with others, according to a story by Frontiers.

He and his brother began to meet with a Frontiers worker named Dennis, who helped them to grow in their understanding of Jesus.

“Dennis challenged each of the men to spend quiet time with the Lord and to listen to what He might say to them through the Word. They had never learned anything like this in Islam, and they were slow to warm up to the spiritual practice,” according to Frontiers.

“For many months, Hamid and the others felt they were hearing nothing from God.”

One day, Hamid sat in a park reading the Bible. Police officers spotted him and began to reprimand him, then they hauled him off to jail.

Hamid was petrified. “He felt miserable as he lay shivering on the cold, bare floor of the cell. Throughout the night, he slept fitfully,” according to Frontiers.

Then something remarkable happened. He had a dream that Jesus approached him in the middle of the night, embraced him, and placed a blanket over him.

Hamid awakened the next morning feeling an uncommon sense of peace in the depths of his soul. For the first time in his life, he felt God’s love had touched him personally.

Then he was startled by something that defied all reason. He was covered by a blanket—the same one Jesus put on him in his dream!


Mark Ellis