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Kenya: Christian President Seeks God's Covering for Nation

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Uhuru Kenyatta

(Note: Melissa Nordell contributed to this article)

Kenya has been a nation struggling with issues that have tried to divide it, with Islamic terrorists killing Christians with increasing frequency. Muslims have tried to shut down Christian gatherings and houses of worship, especially near the country’s borders with Somalia.

Prior to the past presidential election, March 4, 2013, “there has been great opposition from the Islamic agenda against the Christian Church,” says Dr. Sammy Ngaho, founder and president of Ngaho International Ministries. “Through much prayer and faith all over the country, all resistance is coming down,” Dr. Ngaho says.

“The election in March was the first peaceful election in over 50 years -- with no bloodshed,” he notes. “This is all because of what God did to answer prayer as we had very organized prayer across the entire country. Every county was fasting and praying. Every county was formally dedicated to God and an altar to God was planted there as well.”

“The president of Kenya who was elected that March, Uhuru Kenyatta and the deputy president, William Ruto, are both true believers,” says Dr. Ngaho. “And they declared that Kenya is a Christian nation one month ago in a speech at Kenya’s 11th annual National Prayer Breakfast.”


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