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New York Times claims Iran and Hezbollah are fighting terror

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Iran and Hezbollah were held responsible for the Khobar Tower bombing that killed American servicemen

By Mark Ellis

The New York Times has produced a video that bends over backward to present a sympathetic portrait of Iran’s supposed fight against terrorism, especially in their opposition to ISIS.

The video: “How Iran fights — and aligns with — terrorists” was posted on YouTube by the Times on July 3rd. The narrator of the video begins by stating that “Iran has long been accused of exporting terrorism, but the country itself has been the target of attacks for decades.”

Others disagree with the sympathetic portrayal. “The New York Times paints Iran as a victim of terror attacks for decades, setting Iran up as our partner – on par with the West – because of its elaborate counter-terrorism strategy,” says Meira Svirsky, editor of the Clarion Project.

Iran was designated as a state sponsor of terrorism by the United States in 1984. “It remains one of the world’s greatest offenders today, yet the New York Times would have us believe that for the most part Iran is a victim of terrorism,” Svirsky says.

“In a shocking degree of transparency the Times says one way Iran fights terror is by backing Shiite militia groups such as Hezbollah. What?”

Hezbollah was designated as a foreign terrorist organization by the US in 1997. “Iran backs Hezbollah, funds Hezbollah, and basically, Hezbollah is Iran’s lackey,” Svirsky notes.

“Hezbollah was responsible for the 1983 Beirut barracks bombing that killed 241 US Marines, the hijacking of a TWA flight in 1985, and the 1995 Khobar Towers bombing,” she recounts.


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