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Posted 6/22/17 at 3:34 PM | Mark Ellis

Jesus appeared to Muslim woman, answered her request for cigarettes, later brought miraculous healing

By Mark Ellis

Nelly, a North African woman living in southern Europe, had a brain tumor and was not expected to survive much longer, but Jesus personally appeared to her in astonishing ways that upended her life.

Knowing her time was short, Nelly visited two Christian neighbors affiliated with Pioneers and asked them to visit her husband and young son after she died.

The Christian workers encouraged Nelly to pray to Jesus and ask Him for help.

Due to her Muslim background, Nelly had never prayed to Jesus. But the nature of her illness prevented her from performing her daily Muslim prayer rituals. So she went home and for the first time in her life and prayed to Jesus, according to the account by Pioneers.

As she began to pray to Jesus, something remarkable happened.

Jesus personally appeared on her balcony, walked through her two doors and spoke with her.

“What do you want,” He asked in her heart language, a North African dialect. FULL POST

Posted 6/22/17 at 3:28 PM | Mark Ellis

Three-year-old Assyrian Christian girl kidnapped by ISIS reunited with her mother

Assyrian Intl News Agency
Christina and mom after being re-united

By Mark Ellis

Christina Khader Ebada, the three-year-old Assyrian girl kidnapped by ISIS three years ago, has been reunited with her family in northern Iraq.

ISIS abducted the child from her family in August, 2014, as she and her parents fled Qaraqosh, the largest Assyrian city in Iraq, according to the Assyrian International News Agency (AINA).

She was last seen by her mother crying and sobbing after a heavily bearded man seized her from her mother’s arms and carried her away.

“She will die if she does not see me,” her mother told AINA following the abduction.

The Iraqi Army, fighting for the liberation of Mosul, contacted Allen Kakony, a photojournalist, and told him “a six-year-old Christian girl had been liberated” from ISIS.

Her parents where contacted and told to report to a designated location in Mosul where she would be returned to them. FULL POST

Posted 6/9/17 at 4:08 PM | Mark Ellis

Francis Chan: Korean missionaries wish they were still imprisoned by Taliban

South Korean hostages taken by Taliban in 2007

By Mark Ellis

A decade ago, 23 South Korean missionaries were captured and held hostage by the Taliban in Afghanistan. Some now say they miss their captivity, because of the unusual intimacy they experienced with God during that time.

The hostages attended Saemmul Presbyterian Church in Bundang, a commuter town south of Seoul.

They “felt the presence of Jesus” in such an unbelievable way in prison, they wish they could return, Francis Chan told The Bridge 2017 conference, according to a report by the Gospel Herald.

The missionaries were taken hostage when the Taliban captured their bus traveling between Kabul and Kandahar. Church leaders said the Koreans were in Afghanistan as volunteers to help doctors in the hospitals and teachers in schools.

One of the missionaries told Chan: “’These women that were in these camps with us, they come to me and they say, ‘Pastor, don’t you wish we were still imprisoned by the Taliban?'” FULL POST

Posted 6/8/17 at 3:17 PM | Mark Ellis

In his encounters with heaven, he found relentless joy

Steven Musick

By Mark Ellis

He doesn’t fit the mold of some who have had near-death experiences. As a trusted financial advisor and founder of Destiny Capital, he manages over $325 million for his clients.

He’s also had two trips to heaven that left him profoundly changed.

“My calling is to bring people to the reality that the Kingdom of Heaven is closer than we think and we can appropriate it,” says Steven Musick, the author of Life After Heaven. “Heaven exists and we can experience the Kingdom of Heaven in the here and now,” he says.

Born in Denver, Musick grew up attending Christ the King Episcopal Church, where he accepted Christ at seven-years-old. “I didn’t understand the depth of what that commitment meant,” he recounts in his book. “I went through catechism, was an altar boy, and always loved being in church.”

After his first year at college he ran out of money, so he enrolled in the navy’s scholarship-at-sea program, thinking it would be an adroit trade-off to have the government pay for his education while he served. FULL POST

Posted 5/31/17 at 7:26 PM | Mark Ellis

Miraculous health reversal short-lived, ministry leader passes

Carol Waisanen speaking at her church May 7th, 2017

By Mark Ellis

Carol Waisanen, the founder of Angels for Christ, had a remarkable improvement in her battle with cancer that some were calling miraculous, immediately following a worldwide prayer vigil. But sadly, the reversal was short-lived and she passed into the arms of her Savior June 7th. She was 67.

The sequence of events that led to her passing unfolded with stunning rapidity.

Carol preached a message on “Facing Your Giants” May 7th at Solid Rock Restoration Church in Riverside, California. That same evening she began to feel sick. “She threw up and we thought she had food poisoning,” Don says. Her condition continued to deteriorate through the week.

On May 12th Don rushed her to the emergency room at Kaiser Hospital in Fontana. After running a variety of tests, doctors discovered a fast-growing, aggressive form of endometrial cancer. FULL POST

Posted 5/22/17 at 3:20 PM | Mark Ellis

Christian abortion doctor believes he is doing God’s work

Dr. Willie Parker

By Mark Ellis

Dr. Willie Parker is an abortionist in Mississippi and Alabama, where there are fewer and fewer clinics open to the controversial practice. He says he is driven by his deep Christian faith to conduct his work, killing the unborn in the womb.

“I believe that as an abortion provider, I am doing God’s work,” Parker writes in his new memoir, Life’s Work: A Moral Argument for Choice. “I am protecting women’s rights, their human right to decide their futures for themselves, and to live their lives as they see fit.”

Recently he visited California to accept a Person of the Year award from the Women’s Reproductive Rights Assistance Project (WRRAP), according to a report in the L.A. Times.

Parker was abandoned by his father and grew up poor in Birmingham, Ala. At 15, a coach who also happened to be a Pentecostal pastor led him to the Lord.

He was the first one in his family to attend college. Parker was a bold witness there, carrying his Bible throughout the dorm, spreading the Good News, according to The Times. FULL POST

Posted 5/22/17 at 3:15 PM | Mark Ellis

How a sacrificial duck and a Hindu scripture became witnessing tools for Christ

By Mark Ellis

The leader of a Hindu temple in Indonesia needed a duck to sacrifice for one of their ceremonies. He recently met a Christian ministry leader, and asked the Christian if he could help him find a “special duck.”

The 36-year-old temple leader was considered the head of the village, had large land holdings and two wives, according to Christian Aid Mission (CAM).

It seemed like an odd request. Why does he think I could find him this special duck? the Christian wondered. “What will this duck be used for?” he asked.

The Hindu leader explained the duck would be sacrificed so his god will be appeased. “If it was not offered, the ‘big fish’ will be disturbed by a god and get sick,” he said.

With Spirit-filled inspiration, the Christian explained the role of animal sacrifices in ancient Israel and how they were no longer necessary because the blood of Jesus Christ is the perfect, final, and sufficient offering for the forgiveness of sins. FULL POST

Posted 5/22/17 at 3:05 PM | Mark Ellis

Iraq: Top cleric says Christians must convert to Islam, be killed, or pay tax

Sheikh Alaa Al-Mousawi

By Mark Ellis

One of Iraq’s most senior government Shia clerics mimicked the hateful rhetoric of ISIS by declaring in a recent sermon that Christian “infidels” must convert to Islam, be killed, or pay a tax known as jizya.

Sheikh Alaa Al-Mousawi, the head of Iraq’s Shia endowment, made the remarks in southern Iraq, captured in a YouTube video published May 17th.

In response, almost 200 Iraqi Christian families filed a lawsuit against the Sheikh, charging that he is fomenting sectarian violence against Christians in a manner reminiscent of the extremist group ISIS, according to the Middle East Monitor (MEM).

The irony is that Iraq is a key ally in the fight against ISIS, but Iran’s growing influence in the country does not bode well for Christians.

Al-Mousawi is in charge of the government body that maintains Iraq’s Shia holy sites, including mosques and schools.

He described Christians as “infidels and polytheists” and stressed the need for “jihad” against them. He has also said that “Jews and Christians” must be fought and killed if they do not accept Islam, with the same fate awaiting Zoroastrians as well as Sabians, another Iraqi religious community, according to MEM. FULL POST

Posted 5/22/17 at 2:58 PM | Mark Ellis

Iraq: Missionary dodged gunfire to rescue girl trapped in rubble

David Eubank

By Mark Ellis

An American missionary braved ISIS gunfire to rescue a teenage girl trapped for three days under the rubble of her home in war-torn Mosul.

David Eubank, the founder of Free Burma Rangers (FBR), helped lead the daring rescue effort, which was captured in a video uploaded to YouTube on May 15th.

Eubank, a former U.S. Army Special Forces and Ranger officer, leads FBR, which helps oppressed ethnic minorities in Burma, Kurdistan and Sudan.

In 2015, FBR began missions to northern Iraq, sharing the love of Jesus, providing medical training on the front lines, doing children’s programs in the IDP camps –helping Kurds and Yazidis oppressed by ISIS.

In this rescue mission, 17-year-old Rahab was trapped under fallen concrete for three days, her leg crushed and life ebbing away due to blood loss and starvation.

On the video, gunfire can be heard as Eubank and his team move near her home, in an area controlled by ISIS.

A bomb blast apparently caused Rahab’s home to collapse, trapping her under large blocks of concrete. FULL POST

Posted 5/12/17 at 1:59 PM | Mark Ellis

Her mother was a medium and all the men in her family died or were disabled by accidents

SIM: Mark Fischer
A young woman prays before a group of statues of the Buddha at Wat Pho in Bangkok, Thailand.

By Mark Ellis

Because of her mother’s involvement with evil spirits, the entire family was beset by fears and suffered unexplained accidents and deaths.

“My mother was a medium and she communicated for an evil spirit,” Prang told a worker with SIM based in Thailand. “When my mother was possessed by the spirit, she would predict the future for others and for her children. My mother would offer sacrifices of flowers and money to the spirit so that it would give her more and more power.”

Prang’s mother went regularly to the temples and shrines at Nakhon Si Thammarat and Surathanni to receive a blessing from the spirit. “When my mother prayed, she could sense the spirit surrounding her. My mother knew something in the darkness was trying to tighten its grip on her and the longer she worked for the spirit the more afraid she became,” Prang recounted. FULL POST

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