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Pakistan: Christian killed because he refused to work on Sunday

Tue, Apr. 04, 2017 Posted: 06:44 PM

By Mark Ellis

A young Christian sanitation worker was gunned down on March 20th because he rejected a prominent Muslim’s order to clean his outhouse on Sunday, his day off, according to Morning Star News.

Noman Masih, 20, of Sheikhupura in Punjab Province, was the sole breadwinner of his family following the death of his father two years ago, his mother Khalida told Morning Star News.

Masih, who worked for the city sanitation department in place of his deceased father, had shown up for work early in the morning and then headed to a work site. “Suddenly two motorcyclists arrived there. One of them whipped out a pistol and opened fire on Noman, killing him instantly,” his mother said.

The assailants fled on their motorcycle after the attack, leaving two other men standing near Noman unharmed.

The primary suspect was arrested, but rights advocates note that many Muslims in Pakistan believe they can mistreat Christians without consequence because Christians lack the resources and status to find justice.

Daanu Chaddar was identified as the one who allegedly threatened Masih after he refused to sweep his outhouse on a Sunday, Kashif Naimet, the attorney representing the family, told Morning Star News.

“Noman refused, citing Sunday as his weekly day off,” Naimet said. Angered by the Christian’s refusal to submit to his demand, Chaddar allegedly told Noman to be ready to face “dire consequences,” as he would not take no for an answer from a “petty sanitary worker.”

Chaddar allegedly told Noman he would “cut off his legs and riddle his body with bullets” for defying his order, the attorney stated.


Mark Ellis