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Pokeman Go outreach party at seminary leads six gamers to Christ

Wed, Jul. 27, 2016 Posted: 07:50 PM

By Mark Ellis

With the Pokeman Go craze in full swing, a Texas seminary recognized a unique outreach opportunity to host a “lure party,” which drew several hundred from the community – and six people prayed to receive Christ as a result.

Realizing the unusual occasion for outreach, students and faculty at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary hosted a “lure party” at the Fort Worth, Texas, campus on July 19th, according to Baptist Press.

The seminary campus became home to three Pokémon “gyms,” or virtual meeting places, and nearly three dozen “Pokéstops,” or landmarks.

Then many Pokeman aficionados who wouldn’t otherwise set foot on a seminary campus made their way to the campus to play the game.

Amazingly, about 200 people from the community showed up over a two-hour period.

“Unlike any other time that we have done outreach in either the community or any type of mission trip, this was the rare opportunity where we didn’t have to go find people, but they were coming to us,” Joshua Clayton, a master of divinity student told Baptist Press.

Clayton, who organized the event, wanted “to seize the moment and strategically utilize the game for evangelism.”


Mark Ellis