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Released today: Short film features conversation between Bono and Eugene Peterson about the Psalms

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By Mark Ellis

Bono, the brilliant songsmith of Ireland collaborated with an equally superb wordsmith and author of The Message, Eugene Peterson, to create a short film exploring the book of Psalms.

Bono often recited passages from The Message during his concerts and had admired Peterson from afar. He finally met the 83-year-old author, scholar, and poet in 2010 during U2’s 360 tour.

When Bono initiated contact with the aging Peterson, he had never heard of the rock star, and declined Bono’s first invitation for a private meeting.

The 20-minute film, produced by Fourth Line Films, is the first production of Fuller Studio, affiliated with Fuller Seminary. Portions were shot in Peterson’s home on Flathead Lake, Montana and New York’s gallery for the International Arts Movement.

The film intimately captures the two titans in their respective fields ruminating about the Psalms.


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