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Son of Witchdoctor Found Jesus

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Nhamo Chigohi

By Mark Ellis

In his village in southern Zimbabwe, people still seek help through witchdoctors, who offer a portal into the darkness of the supernatural realm. But one young man found healing in the arms of Jesus after his father’s gods proved impotent.

“In our country, people believe in God, but the way to reach God is done through dead spirits,” says Nhamo Chigohi, the son of a witchdoctor.

Nhamo suffered a painful infection and boil on his head, that rendered him unable to move from his bed. He spent many days listlessly, barely able to turn over, yet his father refused modern medical care. “He would not allow me to go to the hospital because he believed he could heal through witchcraft,” he notes.

Nhamo’s father called on his spirits – the spirits of lesser gods – but they could not heal the young man.

One day a team came from a neighboring village to show the JESUS Film. “I was warned by my father not to see any activity sponsored by the local church,” he says. When Nhamo’s father and mother left him alone, they warned him not to watch the JESUS movie on the evening it was presented in their village.

Even though Nhamo did not see the film, the sound carried into his room, so he could follow the soundtrack as he lay motionless on his bed. “I heard the voice when Jesus was healing people and I said to myself, ‘I believe this same Jesus can come and heal me too.’”


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