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Sri Lanka: Radical Buddhist monks attack pastors, destroy churches, police fail to respond

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Church destroyed in Sri Lanka

By Mark Ellis

Police are failing to respond to Buddhist aggression in western Sri Lanka directed against churches and in some cases are encouraging persecution of Christians.

When a mob led by Buddhist monks in Ingiriya assaulted the pastor of Kings Revival Church and three other church members on March 26th after a Sunday worship service, police failed to register the case, according to Morning Star News.

The attack occurred after the pastor left church and was hurrying home. It seems he had received an urgent phone call from a church member warning him that a van full of armed Buddhist monks were waiting for him at the top of a road.

The previous day at about 10 a.m., an unidentified person and two Buddhist monks had visited the pastor and questioned him about the legality of religious worship at his location.

During the confrontation, one Buddhist monk called two local officials who questioned the pastor. The officials demanded the pastor supply all church legal documents, threatening to take him to the police if he failed to produce them.

Government officials took photos of the pastor, a copy of his national identity card, and threatened his family using derogatory language, Morning Star reported.

After the next day’s assault, the pastor received credible information that the local official was part of the mob.

On March 27 the pastor went to the police station to file a complaint.

The police, however, made excuses and initially refused to register the complaint until they were pressured by the pastor’s lawyers.

The pastor continues to receive threats from the Buddhist monks and has gone into hiding, fearing physical assault.


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