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Talban kidnap young disciple of Christ

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Aman Ullah (second from left) with friends

A 16-year-old Christian convert from Islam, Aman Ullah, was kidnapped by the Taliban on May 25th in Peshawar, the heart of Pakistan’s North-West Frontier Province near the Khyber Pass.

“We don’t know which of the 32 different Taliban groups operating both in Afghanistan and Pakistan is responsible,” says John Taimoor, president of Messianic Muslims. “My team, workers and disciples from Muslim backgrounds are facing pressures from many sides and physical persecution,” he says.

The young kidnap victim had only come to Christ a year ago, but had already memorized the books of John and Ephesians in the Bible. His goal is to memorize the entire New Testament, since he had already memorized the Quran as a young person, according to Taimoor.

“He is very dear to me,” Taimoor says. “Aman Ullah means ‘peace of God’ in Arabic, Persian, Urdu and Pushto languages,” he noted. “He is a diamond, very dedicated and brilliant. He was outgoing; he made public statements and gave his testimony.”


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