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5/14/13 at 07:28 PM 1 Comments

The Rise of Antichrist

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Willem Dafoe in the film, "Antichrist"

By Mark Ellis

Do you believe he is a real person? Could he be alive today? Some may doubt his existence, but the prophet Daniel, the Apostles Paul and John -- and Jesus Himself -- all taught about the coming of this dynamic, powerful, evil personality who will rule the world at the time of the end.

The Book of Daniel covers a giant sweep of history, from Daniel’s era, about 500 years before Jesus, all the way up to and beyond our present time, prophesying about things that will be coming to planet earth in the future, perhaps sooner than we expect.

Most of the events prophesied in Daniel were fulfilled within 300 years after Daniel wrote them. And the prophesies are so dead-on accurate that skeptics can’t believe it was really written by Daniel.

They insist somebody else must have written it, years later. But Jesus Himself believed Daniel wrote it, He quoted from Daniel, so the critics will have to take up their case with our Lord.


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