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Visit by Jesus Changed Wayward Financial Advisor

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Kelli and Jamie before he found Christ

Unusual Daily Visions 'Unpacked' Scripture for New Believer

By Mark Ellis

Baptized as an adult in his church, Jamie Trent led a double life. By all appearances, he was a successful financial advisor and family man. But beneath the saccharine smile on Sunday mornings lurked a drug addict and serial adulterer locked into a self-destructive downward spiral.

“My first memory I have is of my dad hitting my mom,” says James “Jamie” Trent, author of “My Trip to God” (LifeBridge Books). Jamie’s father spent time in prison for embezzlement, so his mother became the breadwinner of the family.

“There was no Jesus, no praying, no Bible, no nothing (religious),” he recalls, during his upbringing.

Sexual abuse by an elder cousin and an older boy in the neighborhood left a big wound. By 10th grade he was filling the emptiness inside with porn, alcohol, marijuana — and he caused a fellow student’s pregnancy.

Despite his excesses, reasonably good grades landed him at the University of South Carolina, where drinking binges continued and he met his first wife, who joined him in the party. They lived together for four years before they got married.

After their marriage, the out-of-the-box social revelry continued. “We got into group situations with inappropriate sex and I ultimately left her,” he recounts.


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