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Woman Stumbles Over 'Demon' in Arabic Class

Thu, May. 09, 2013 Posted: 05:58 PM

By Mark Ellis

In an unnamed Middle East country, Sue has been studying Arabic four days a week with one of her husband’s friends. A silly misspelling during one of her sessions launched a thought-provoking spiritual conversation.

As Sue practiced writing her name under her instructor’s watchful eye, she stopped when it became clear she made a mistake.

“Oh no!” her teacher said quickly. “That is djinn.” The teacher’s thumbs punched away at the dictionary in her mobile phone and up popped the word demon.

“Demon,” she said. “Do you believe demons, they are real?”

“Yes, of course,” Sue replied.

The instructor blinked. “All followers of Isa, they believe?” (Isa is the Arabic word for Jesus.)

“Yes—the Injeel (Bible) has stories of how Isa al-Masih cast three demons out of people. He has power over them.”

The teacher hesitated. “Have you ever seen a demon?”


Mark Ellis