A Prudent Investment with Gold

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Posted 7/12/12 at 3:35 PM | jimmie west

Investors Shift Focus to Silver Coins

Sales of silver coins were strong last week at the United States Mint. More than 475,000 silver bullion coins were purchased by investors last week - a more than four percent increase over the week ago period.

Meanwhile, sales of the two coin set jumped more than 54 percent over the week before period. More than 250,000 units were sold and sales jumped more than 88,000.

The possible reason for the increased sales in silver coins could be the low relative price of silver coins compared with gold coins. Also the high premium on gold coins could be shifting investors to buy silver coins instead of investing in gold.

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Posted 7/11/12 at 9:04 AM | jimmie west

Lower Canadian Maple Leaf Premiums Topping American Eagle Sales

The United States and Canada are battling each other for supremacy – over gold coins. Sales of the Canadian Maple Leaf coins topped sales of the United States Mint American Eagle gold coins in the second quarter. The reason is simple, the Canadian Maple Leaf gold coin has lower premiums than the American Eagle gold coins.

The Royal Canadian Mint announced earlier this month that its gold coin sales increased in the second quarter of 2012 over the first quarter. Meanwhile, the United States Mint said its gold bullion coin sales actually fell 40 percent over the same time period.

Last year, the United State Mint sold one million ounces of gold coins while the Canadian Mint topped those sales with 1.15 million ounces.

Reports also indicated that investors were buying silver and buying platinum coins instead of investing in gold.

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Posted 7/10/12 at 10:49 AM | jimmie west

Weak Payroll Report Predicts More Federal Reserve Easing

The United States economy created only 80,000 jobs last month. That number was lower than expected and left the unemployment rate unchanged at 8.2 percent.

The weaker than expected numbers led a number of economic experts to believe that the chances of a third quantitative easing action by the Federal Reserve at 65 percent, according to the latest Reuters poll. Additional efforts to inflate the economy by purchasing treasury bills means that the Federal Reserve will have to create new dollars, furthering devaluing the currency.

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Posted 6/29/12 at 8:53 AM | jimmie west

Gold Coin Sales Spike at United States Mint

Gold coin sales were significantly stronger last week as investors rushed to buy gold coins. The sales of coins last week numbered 24,000, compared with only 14,500 troy ounces the week before.

The sales of silver coins also jumped in the most recent week. Sales hit 720,000 ounces last week compared with 632,500 ounces the week before.

The sales come on the announcement that the United States Mint is actually eyeing increasing prices of many of its gold and silver coins in the next couple weeks. Some are expected to go up as little as $25 while others may jump more in price.

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Posted 6/27/12 at 9:29 AM | jimmie west

HSBC Expects $1900 Gold Price Level by End of Year

HSBC remains bullish on the price of gold this year. The firm has announced that its gold experts believe that the price of gold will close above the $1900 price level this year. That would be a strong return of more than 20 for the remaining six months of this year, or an annual gain of 40 percent.

The investment bank cited ongoing monetary policy, such as the recently announced extension of Operation Twist by the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States, as the reason for the strong gain in the price of gold. With gold investors pushing down the price of gold coins lately, this may be the perfect time to buy gold coins.

HSBC also commented that the overall demand for gold should increase later in the year as the United States approaches the “fiscal cliff” predicted by many gold coin experts. Overall, they expect an average provide of gold at $1760 per ounce.

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Posted 6/26/12 at 11:43 AM | jimmie west

Gold Price Level Encourages Bullish Investors to Reestablish Positions

The United States Federal Reserve was twisting again, like it did last summer. Just like the lyrics of the popular song, the Federal Reserve was back in the treasury market last week snatching up long term bonds to push the rates lower.

The lower rates had some investors thinking deflation around the corner. Because of this, they pushed the price of gold lower for the week to close at the $1568.70 level. At Global Gold Group, we see this move as short sighted.

The fact is the Federal Reserve is printing dollars to purchase these bonds. In the short term, the dollars purchasing the treasury bonds will push rates lower. However most gold buyers are missing the fact that in the long term, those dollars will need to be accounted for. That means that the Federal Reserve is actually adding to the inflation threat by printing dollars in the long term. That’s a bullish sign for the long term future price of gold coins and gold bullion.

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Posted 6/19/12 at 2:11 PM | jimmie west

Demand for Gold Coins Jumps in May

The demand for gold coins jumped in May, according to a recent report from the United States Mint. Sales doubled in May compared to April. A total of 53,000 ounces of American Eagle gold coins were purchased in the month.

Experts believe that people investing in gold pushed the sales up as the price of gold hit the $1538 level. With the price of gold nearing $1600, those gold coin investors have already enjoyed a return on their investment.

Other investors believe that the new banking crisis hitting Europe, primarily Greece and Spain, may also be affecting the rush to buy gold coins.

It appears that the price of gold may have hit a strategic price in the last few weeks and may be headed higher for the remainder of the year. Investors should consider looking at adding gold to their portfolio, especially gold coins for retirement accounts such as 401k rollovers and IRA transfers.

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Posted 6/13/12 at 11:51 AM | jimmie west

Gold Closes in on $1600 Price Level

The price of gold is making inroads towards closing in on the critically important $1600 level. This psychological level could be an important floor to another bullish move in the price of gold.

Continued weakness in the Greek and Spanish economies has provided a strong support to the price of gold coins. Last week, traders saw rumors of another qualitative easing plan in the United States and Europe hit the market as the world’s economy is showing new signs of slowing. Weak employment numbers in the United States further confirmed the trend.

Weakening economic numbers could prove bullish for the price of gold as the United States and European financial agencies make additional moves to support their economies by inflating their currency. This additional printing of currency could lead to future devaluation of the currencies.

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Posted 6/12/12 at 9:52 AM | jimmie west

China Expects Gold Demand to Increase 10 Percent This Year

Demand is increasing for gold bullion and gold coins in China. Experts with the Industrial and Commerce Bank of China, Ltd. told Bloomberg that they expect Chinese gold investment demand to increase 10 percent this year. The basis of their prediction was the continuing economic crisis in Europe as well as the continuing possibility of weakening currencies.

Further, the World Gold Council expects China to overtake India as the main purchaser of gold this year. Buying gold coins increases in the Asian countries primarily during the Lunar New Year celebration, but experts believe that more Chinese are purchasing gold bullion coins to protect themselves against a continued threat of inflation and currency devaluation of both the Euro and the Dollar.

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Posted 6/7/12 at 9:12 AM | jimmie west

Demand for Silver American Eagles Remains Strong

The demand for silver coins in May could be the second highest month of 2012. Nearly 2.3 million of the popular silver American Eagle coins from the United State Mint were sold during the month. This brings the total for the entire year to more than 14 million silver coins.

The correction in the price of silver has led silver coin investors toward establishing new positions in the metal. Investors were buying silver coins anticipating a potential upcoming price increase in the price of silver. At just under $30 per ounce, many analysts believe that the price of silver was at an attractive level to start accumulating a position against the threat of inflation and currency devaluation in Europe.

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