A Prudent Investment with Gold
6/13/12 at 11:51 AM 0 Comments

Gold Closes in on $1600 Price Level

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The price of gold is making inroads towards closing in on the critically important $1600 level. This psychological level could be an important floor to another bullish move in the price of gold.

Continued weakness in the Greek and Spanish economies has provided a strong support to the price of gold coins. Last week, traders saw rumors of another qualitative easing plan in the United States and Europe hit the market as the world’s economy is showing new signs of slowing. Weak employment numbers in the United States further confirmed the trend.

Weakening economic numbers could prove bullish for the price of gold as the United States and European financial agencies make additional moves to support their economies by inflating their currency. This additional printing of currency could lead to future devaluation of the currencies.

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