A Prudent Investment with Gold
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HSBC Expects $1900 Gold Price Level by End of Year

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HSBC remains bullish on the price of gold this year. The firm has announced that its gold experts believe that the price of gold will close above the $1900 price level this year. That would be a strong return of more than 20 for the remaining six months of this year, or an annual gain of 40 percent.

The investment bank cited ongoing monetary policy, such as the recently announced extension of Operation Twist by the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States, as the reason for the strong gain in the price of gold. With gold investors pushing down the price of gold coins lately, this may be the perfect time to buy gold coins.

HSBC also commented that the overall demand for gold should increase later in the year as the United States approaches the “fiscal cliff” predicted by many gold coin experts. Overall, they expect an average provide of gold at $1760 per ounce.

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