A Prudent Investment with Gold
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March Silver American Eagle Sales Top 1.6 Million

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The United States Mint is announcing strong demand for investors buying silver coins. More than 1.6 million silver American Eagle coins have been sold so far in March. Buying silver coins has really taken off compared to the 1.49 million sold in February.

In fact, the sales of most American Eagle and American Buffalo coins so far have doubled this month compared with last month due to strong demand from people investing in gold coins and buying silver coins.

Gold coins and silver coins provide investors with strong asset protection against the threat of inflation and currency devaluation. Gold and silver bullion coins also make great investments for retirement accounts including 401k rollovers and IRA transfers. For more information about investing in gold and silver, including a free Investment Gold Guide, please check out our website at www.aglobalcurrency.com today.

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