A Prudent Investment with Gold

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Posted 6/6/12 at 9:46 AM | jimmie west

Gold Traders Expect Higher Gold Prices

Gold traders are expecting gold prices to appreciate this week.

A major survey of 23 gold investors and traders showed that 15 of the respondents, or nearly 2/3 of the survey participants, expect the price of gold to be higher this week. Only five expected prices to decrease while three thought the price of gold would be unchanged.

Meanwhile, half of the participants in a Bloomberg survey expected the price of gold to be up this week. Ten were bearish and only three were expecting the price of gold to decline.

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Posted 5/31/12 at 3:47 PM | jimmie west

Traders See Attractive Entry Point in Gold

Gold traders are seeing an attractive entry point for investors looking to establish a position in gold coins.

With demand picking up and the price of gold trading close to the fluctuation of currencies – in particular the value of the Euro and the Dollar – investors might want to carefully look at establishing a long position in gold bullion and gold coins.

“There are a lot of gold bulls remaining out there, and they're coming in and buying against the lows we've seen,” Frank Lesh, a trader at FuturePath Trading in Chicago, said in a telephone interview with a newspaper in Canberra, Australia. “We're near the bottom of the recent trading range, and the price may be attractive.”

Other traders were concerned that the price of gold was trading inverse to the strength of the dollar. The strength in the dollar is coming from the uncertainty around Greece and the Euro. As that issue get resolved, the dollar could weaken providing a price support level for the price of gold bullion and gold coins.

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Posted 5/2/12 at 9:54 AM | jimmie west

Spanish Debt Downgrade Supports Gold Price

The downgrade of Spanish sovereign debt last week could very well add doubt into the market and help support the price of gold bullion and gold coins. While still at investment grade, Standard & Poor’s decided to downgrade the strength of Spanish bonds to BBB-Plus from A. Further, they also placed the debt on negative watch for additional downgrades.

The financial situation in Spain is actually getting worse and recently issued economic data reflected the weakness in the country. The downgrade by Standard & Poor’s pushed the rate for Spanish 10 year bonds to over 6 percent and German bund futures to record levels.

Gold pundits believe this uncertainty about Europe may put more pressure on the Euro and further strengthen the outlook for the price of gold. Gold coins could react positively next week turning higher as investors worry about the strength of the Spanish economy and look to stable alternative investments.

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Posted 4/27/12 at 3:21 PM | jimmie west

Smart Last Minute Tax Tips

If you’re looking for a smart tax move with this week’s filing deadline, be sure to read the rest of this blog entry! Instead of simply taking your tax refund and spending it on vacations or something else worthless this year, use some of the proceeds to diversify your portfolio into an appreciating asset such as high quality gold coins!

In the last few years, the price of gold has increased from about the $300 level to more than $1650. How has your stock portfolio done? Take some of your tax refund and make sure to invest it wisely by protecting your long term savings from the threat of currency devaluation and inflation.

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Posted 4/27/12 at 10:06 AM | jimmie west

Gold Price Finding Technical Support Level

The price of gold is sitting right about a traditionally strong technical support level.

According to Spencer Patton with the hedge fund Steel Vine Investments, the price of gold is at a level that sees price increase potential based on technical charts and fundamentals.

“We’ve seen consistent buying interest once we’ve seen gold get to the $1,620 to $1,625 level,” he said. “That is a great sign for the market. This last time we went down, we fell a whole bunch over a period of two days once it was thought quantitative easing No. 3 was taken off of the table, and yet once again selling dried up around $1,620 and you’ve seen gold rally 50 to 60 bucks off of that low.”

He also said that demand for the price of gold has increased in India lately and that will also support the price of gold this week.

According to a Bloomberg survey, 19 of 26 gold investment professionals expect the price of gold to increase next week.

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Posted 4/26/12 at 3:03 PM | jimmie west

Gold Holds on to 6 Percent Gain in 2012

The price of gold is still holding on to a six percent gain this year even with the roller coaster ride in the price of gold. The fact is if many people just ignored all of the noise and the ups and downs of the gold market, the net result would be a handsome six percent gain in the price of gold.

Even with the correction in the gold price last Friday, gold still had a positive weekly gain of more than one percent. It just goes to prove that if investors get nervous about daily headlines or events, often they miss the big picture – in other words a positive weekly gain.

In fact, in a recent survey of 21 gold trading experts, 12 expected the price of gold to increase this week while only five expected the price to decline during the week. Patient gold coin investors could definitely be rewarded by looking at the big picture instead of the day-to-day swings.

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Posted 4/20/12 at 11:44 AM | jimmie west

Gold Bullion Coin Sales Pick Up at the United States Mint

The sales of gold coins increased last week as investors were looking for opportunities in the recent correction in the price of gold.

All of the gold bullion coins registered higher sales last week. There were 23,000 American Eagle gold bullion coins sold last week, compared with 8,500 gold coins in the week prior. Meanwhile, the sales of American Buffalo coins jumped 6,000 over the prior 4,500 gold coins the week prior. Sales of the American Eagle silver coin softened 100,000 coins due to the better affordability of the gold American Eagle and American Buffalo coins.

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Posted 4/19/12 at 4:16 PM | jimmie west

Strength in Stock Market Has Investors Buying Gold to Protect Gains

It’s time to start hedging some of the recent gains from the stock market by shifting into other assets. Where is an investor to turn? How about gold, where a recent pullback could be indicating a great entry point for patient investors?

After all, diversifying your portfolio across assets and investment types is a smart move. Add in the fact that Goldman Sachs has predicted the price of gold to hit $1840 per ounce in the next six months and it’s an easy bet to see that gold may be a smart investment for part of your stock market gains.

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Posted 4/13/12 at 10:28 AM | jimmie west

Disappointing Job Creation Numbers Support Gold Price

After quiet trading for the Good Friday and Easter holidays, the price of gold is poised to move up next week on the basis of dismal job creation numbers issued by the Federal Government last Friday. On a day the markets were closed for the holiday, the Labor Department announced that 120,000 jobs were created last month, lower than the most pessimistic prediction and the smallest net gain since October. Surprisingly, the unemployment rate also dropped, but that was due to the fact that people simply stopped looking for work and dropped out of the labor force.

Experts believed that the bad job creation numbers could reignite talks for a third round of Quantitative Easing by the Federal Reserve. The price of gold was soft last week based on an economic report from the Federal Reserve that the economic recovery was well underway and the need of further economic stimulus was not needed.

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Posted 4/11/12 at 10:40 AM | jimmie west

Goldman Sachs Sees Gold Headed Towards $1840 Per Ounce

As predicted is our weekly comments, the price of gold is ready to go higher after building a base last week. That’s the prediction of Goldman Sachs.

"The gold market may have been expecting that real rates would soon be rising along with improving economic growth, leading to a sharp decline in net speculative length in gold futures," they said in a report issued last week.

"As we look forward, our U.S. economists forecast subdued growth and further easing by the Fed in 2012, which should push the market’s expectations of real rates back down near zero basis points and gold prices back to our six-month forecast of $1,840 an ounce."

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