A Prudent Investment with Gold

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Posted 8/11/10 at 9:43 AM | jimmie west

Schiff Calls for Investors to Flee the Dollar. Gold Prices Expected to Increase.

Peter Schiff with Euro Pacific Capital is calling for traders to flee the dollar, expecting the Federal Reserve to expand stimulus efforts to revive the economy quantitative easing. The comments were made in response to the larger than expected loss of 131,000 jobs in the recently issued employment report.

The result could be that gold prices could be pegged to the Euro and traders are turning more bullish on gold prices for the new few weeks.

According to a recently issued report from Deutsche Bank AG, “The positive correlation of gold prices to the euro is re-establishing itself. Given our bearish outlook for the dollar, we believe this will trigger further gains in the gold price.”

The global investment bank is expecting gold to hit $1275 per ounce later this year.

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Posted 8/9/10 at 12:39 PM | jimmie west

Gold Coins Up 2.1 Percent for Week

It was a good week to buy gold coins for investment. Gold prices recovered last week, gaining 2.1 percent for the week.

The economic slowing in Japan and a larger than expected loss of 131,000 jobs in the United States jobs report caused the flight to security,pushing the price of gold bullion to over $1200 per ounce. Most economic experts were expecting less than 90,000 jobs lost.

For the week, gold prices increased more than $24 per ounce as investors rushed to purchase gold bullion and gold coins. With the sell off on Friday, the Dow Jones Industrial average is down more than two percent for the year.

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Posted 8/6/10 at 9:58 AM | jimmie west

Gold Shorts Forced to Cover Positions

Gold prices recovered last week as the prices of gold coins and gold bullion for investment recovered one percent on Friday. Some investors that were actively shorting gold, looking for gold prices to decline were forced to buy gold and cover their positions as investors rushed in to buy gold on Friday. A disappointing GDP report on Friday also contributed to investors buying gold for investment.

A continuing strengthening in gold prices can cause short covering rallies, further forcing prices of gold coins and gold bullion to increase over the next week. Another contributor will be the employment report due on Friday, with experts expecting a loss of 125,000 jobs and an increase in the unemployment rate to 9.5 percent. The potential bigger number could help position gold prices for upside late in the week.

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Posted 8/5/10 at 9:04 AM | jimmie west

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Posted 8/5/10 at 9:00 AM | jimmie west

China Slowing Expected to Increase Gold Coin Prices

Gold bullion and gold coin prices could rebound this week with the report that China’s economy appears to be slowing. The fast growing nation reported that manufacturing activity actually came in at the slowest rate in 17 months.

Experts believe gold coin prices will recover a bit this week as recent price declines should encourage more value based gold investors to buy gold at these levels.

Gold coin prices are up nearly 8 percent this year. It has also been one of the best investment classes for the past one, five and ten year periods.

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