A Prudent Investment with Gold

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Posted 2/15/12 at 2:22 PM | jimmie west

Silver Coin Sales Jump at Mint

Uncirculated silver American Eagle coins are becoming popular with U.S. Mint customers. Sales jumped by more than 14,000 coins last week, a nearly six percent increase. The week before, sales increased by about 4,500 coins. The total sales last week topped 260,000 coins.

Experts believe the popularity of American Eagle silver coins comes on the heels of the increase in the price of silver. One ounce of silver averaged more than $33.50 per ounce with the fixed price of the American Eagle silver coin from the mint is less than $46 per ounce.

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Posted 2/13/12 at 10:56 AM | jimmie west

Greek Crisis Supports Gold Prices

The Greek crisis reached a new level last week. European leaders withheld funding for a second bailout on Friday, waiting for the Greek government to demonstrate its commitment to austerity measures before committing further money. The decision threatened the 14.4 billion Euro bond redemptions scheduled for mid-March, increasing the overall threat of default of Greek government bonds.

The uncertainty over the Greek government bonds should support the price of gold over the new few weeks. Either there will be an increase in the amount of Euros circulating to support the Greek economy (meaning additional devaluation of the currency) or there will be some type of Greek default on their debt. Either way, the price of gold should be supported next week as investors buy gold to protect their life savings during the Greek financial crisis.

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Posted 2/10/12 at 11:28 AM | jimmie west

Silver in Up Trend

The price of silver hit a fresh 2 ½ month high last week over $34 per ounce. It posted gains of over one percent last week.

The trend was confirmed last week when the United States Mint reported more than 6 million American Eagle silver coins were purchased in January. This was the second highest sales month in the history of the American Eagle silver coin program. It was a little over 300,000 coins short of the highest sales month ever.

Part of the strength in the sales of the American Eagle silver coins was the demand for the brand new 2012 silver coins. But in additional to the traditionally strong seasonal period, there was overall strong demand for silver coin investments.

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Posted 2/9/12 at 11:54 AM | jimmie west

Gold Coin Sales Surge at Mint

It was a busy January for the workers at the United States Mint. The government organization last week reported the fourth top sales month for gold coins at the United States. More than 125,000 ounces of American Eagle gold coins were purchase by investors in the month. That topped purchases from 1998, but was 6,500 ounces short from gold coin sales in 2011.

In fact, sales of the one ounce American Eagle gold coin was strongest since September. Additionally sales of the half ounce American Eagle gold coin was the strongest since December 2009. Over all, it was a very strong month for the continued investor interest in buying gold coins.

The United States Mint also started offering 2012 dated American Eagle gold coins in early January and the initial sales of the new coins has been strong.

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Posted 2/8/12 at 2:42 PM | jimmie west

Gold Closes Fifth Week of Gains

It's been a five week bull run for the price of gold coins. Even with a strong jobs report on Friday, the price of gold coins hit a two-month high. The five week bull run has the price of gold up more than 12 percent so far this year.

Analysts believe that the Fed's commitment to holding interest rates low through 2013 indicates that they are not positive in the future growth of the economy. Continued low interest rates, along with expectations for another round of quantitative easing, should support the price of gold through the next few months.

The price of gold posted a nearly two percent price increase last week.

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Posted 2/1/12 at 9:50 AM | jimmie west

Collectable Gold Coins Offer Special Benefits

Want to acquire a gold investment that's both non-confiscatable and non-reportable? Pre-1933 collectable gold coins are the perfect solution to protect your hard earned assets from government control and the effects of currency devaluation.

Governments all over the world are struggling with high debt. Citizens in countries such as Greece have to struggle with austerity measures. Investors in Greek debt are going to have to face a 70 percent haircut in the value of their bond investments.

With all of the danger in the world's economy, don't risk having all of your investments and savings in confiscatable assets such as cash, stocks and bonds. Smart investors know that hard assets such as pre-1933 gold coins are the only way to protect their savings against confiscation by the federal government.

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Posted 1/30/12 at 1:49 PM | jimmie west

Gold IRA Accounts Are Smart Moves for Investors

The time is quickly going away to fund your IRA account for 2011. Retirement account savers only have until April 15 to make their IRA contribution for 2011. Investors can also make their 2012 retirement plan contribution at the same time, allowing most IRA plan participants the opportunity to make two contributions during the first couple months of 2012.

This is also a perfect time to review your IRA account holdings. How has your retirement investments performed? If you retirement account hasn't doubled in price in the last few years, it's time to look for alternative investments that have outpaced traditional stock and bond investments that have tanked over the last couple of years. The time is now to diversify your retirement account with appreciating investments such as gold coins and bullion.

The fact is the price of gold coins has more than doubled in the past few years, well outpacing the price of stocks and bonds. With economic problems lingering all over the world, the chances of gold continuing to appreciate over time is strong. The time is now to make smart moves for your IRA transfer 401k rollover by investing in gold coins and gold bullion. FULL POST

Posted 1/20/12 at 2:00 PM | jimmie west

Silver American Eagle Coin Sales Surging at Mint

Sales of American Eagle silver coins are strong this month. The sales of the popular silver coin have already hit the second strongest month in history – with still half of the month to go. More than 4.6 million silver coins have been sold in the month. The record is 6.4 million American Eagle silver coins sold in January 2011.

Investors buying silver coins at record levels should display some support for the price of silver this month. With the price of silver coins around $30, many investors consider investing in silver a more affordable alternative than a gold investment.

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Posted 1/18/12 at 2:22 PM | jimmie west

Gold Imports from China Hit Record High

Gold bullion purchases are shining bright in China. Gold purchases in Hong Kong surged to a record high in November for the fifth straight month. China's imports from Hong Kong were more than 100,000 kilograms, a 20 percent month-over-month increase and a 483 percent year-on-year increase.

That led most analysts to estimate that buying gold for the Lunar New Year would be even stronger this year than in past years.

Last year, China overtook India as the world's biggest market for gold. Many experts believe that the imports from Hong Kong are viewed as a proxy for overseas buying.

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Posted 1/17/12 at 10:41 AM | jimmie west

Gold Posts Slight Gain for Week

Gold prices remained steady last week as the dollar strengthened. The price of gold closed at $1630.80 per ounce last Friday, a gain of nearly one percent for the week.

It was a rough week for the European economy. Last Friday, the continent was hit with a number of credit downgrades. France lost its AAA rating and Italy, Spain and Portugal were all cut by two notches. The weakening economic conditions should have supported gold coin prices, but the fact was the hit was big enough to push the dollar higher. Because the dollar typically trades inverse to the price of gold, the large move in the dollar caused the gold price to decline.

Despite the decline on Friday, gold still had enough support from sessions early in the week to close higher overall for the week.

With the economic conditions getting worse across Europe, the outlook for gold looks bright. We can help you protect your savings against the continued economic threat of default from European sovereign debt. For more information about investing in gold, and to get a free copy of our Investment Gold Guide, please visit our website at www.aglobalcurrency.com.

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