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The stealth rise of fascism in evangelical Christianity and politics: A brief look at the fascist and dominionist roots and history of sozo from Bethel Church and its ties to Latter Rain, NAR and Dominionism

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What is sozo? Why does it matter, and what ever happened to separation of church and state? Sozo is a new age, unique, inner-healing practice which is tied to Bethel Church in Redding, California, which has strong affiliation with the Latter Rain Movement and Dominionism. Dominionism is also known as the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR), Joel's Army or the Seven Mountains Mandate. Bethel Church is the subject of public debate and is an extremely controversial "church" led by Bill Johnson. All these movements can be likened to separate, polluted "rivers" which may look different at first glance but truly come from the same muddy source.

The following is some rather helpful information on the "sketchy" history of sozo's related movements:

"The origins of the movement are sketchy, but trace back to at least two influences, the Latter Rain movement and Dominionism. The Latter Rain movement gained traction in the 1950's as a movement holding Pentecostal beliefs but largely outside the existing Pentecostal denominations, teaching the imminent rise of a victorious church that transcended denominational organizations and endowed with supernatural power through miraculous working of the Holy Spirit. The early Latter Rain movement is sometimes linked to William Branham, although most reject Branham's Jesus-only baptism beliefs, and may have also had some influence on parts of the Jesus Movement and on the Discipling and Shepherding movement. Among the Latter Rain movement's teachings were that the rise of a victorious church of "overcomers" endowed with supernatural power to wage spiritual warfare and perform miracles would usher in the second coming of Christ. The terms 'Manifest Sons of God' and 'Joel's Army' referred to these 'overcomers'. Dominionism is a movement that began in the 1970s with Calvinist roots, teaching that the Biblical admonition for Christians to 'take dominion' over all the earth includes taking dominion over civil government and law, and that civil law should be based on Biblical teachings." (1)

The problem with dominionism of course is that it is fascist and militant all the while hiding behind the cloak of being "good" and "Christian". These movements claim to be of "evangelical Christianity" when they actually grossly deviate from true Christianity. Even more disturbing is that most dominionists are not even aware that they are dominionists. The dominionist leaders have an agenda to wipe out other Christian denominations and to take over civil society. They believe that they, as God's elite group, are mandated by Jesus himself to do this by force. A leader of the dominionists, Rick Joyner, has authored a book called The Final Quest based on his dreams and visions which describe the militant and violent takeover (he terms this the coming "civil war") of other Christians (namely, the ones that read the Bible and think for themselves) and civil society.

Unless we want a fascist system to gain more of a foothold in our nation, we need to be aware of the dominionists' influence on politics and America. There are many conservative politicians who are dominionists (I will talk about that more in the coming weeks).

The interview below is quite eye-opening.


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