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Posted 7/26/16 at 8:02 AM | Christian Post Guest Voices

Prince of Who’s Church?

For some time now I been seeing and hearing the term “Prince Of The Lords Church” in reference to the Office of the Bishop. Now that term sounds real good but I always wondered where it came from and most importantly if ts biblical.

Please do understand that I’m not saying the Bishop isn’t Biblical because it is. I am wondering where is term came from and why it’s become so popular over night.

I did my research to find out that the term isn’t Biblical at all. It’s actually a term founded in the Catholic church but yet so many black Churches use it so freely.

This is what I found the meaning to be ….The term Prince of the Church is nowadays used nearly exclusively for Catholic Cardinals. However the term is historically more important as a generic term for clergymen whose offices hold the secular rank and privilege of a prince (in the widest sense) or are considered its equivalent. In the case of Cardinals, they are always treated in protocol as equivalents of royal prince. FULL POST

Posted 7/26/16 at 7:57 AM | Christian Post Guest Voices

The Other Lives That Don’t Seem To Matter

“Shhh…Nobody Cares!” That was the statement I saw on a T-shirt worn by a young Native American during my last visit to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. For Natives everywhere, they are a forgotten people. They do not have the media spotlight that Black Lives Matter with law enforcement, Hispanics with the immigration issues, and Muslims with refugees and terrorism all have. All of these matters deserve attention, but why not the Oglala Lakota? Why not Native Americans?

It’s no wonder that many Natives feel that no one cares. Pine Ridge, one of the 326 resettlement areas around America that were set aside by the government for Native Americans, and where the Lakota now call “home”. Over the last few decades, it has either been the first or second poorest county in America. They have the lowest life expectancy in America at 48 years old, which is second in North America only to Haiti. Unemployment shifts between 80 to 90 percent, and alcoholism is as high as 80 percent. One of their most secret problems though is domestic abuse,but it’s unknown how widespread it actually is. To this day, Lakota face racism and sometimes violence when leaving the reservation and come into contact with the rest of society. FULL POST

Posted 7/19/16 at 9:33 AM | Christian Post Guest Voices

What if You Divorced for the Wrong Reasons?

I hold both of these truths to be self-evident: sometimes women can be verbally and emotionally abused without other people understanding the extent of it, and need to get out of that marriage; and sometimes women claim that they are verbally and emotionally abused when they simply want to leave the marriage.

I have been quite passionate about the first group of women on this blog this year, writing about what submission really means; how to deal with a controlling husband; how we shouldnever make women powerless in the name of God.

But today I am angry about the second group. FULL POST

Posted 7/19/16 at 9:28 AM | Christian Post Guest Voices

3 Things All Christians Can Learn From Pokemon Go

I cannot believe I’m actually writing this post, but it would be a huge miss not to write something that takes advantage of our world’s most recent social phenomenon. Have you heard? The geniuses behind Pokemon have done it again by creating a new app where people from all around the world can capture Pokemon using geo-location and mapping technology that turns the everyday world into a poke-world. Your bedroom is now an enchanted grassland, and your church is now a gym where trainers from all around can battle.

I’d be lying if I said I never played Pokemon as a young kid, and I’d also be lying if I said I didn’t spend an insurmountable amount of allowance money on cards and other dumb trinkets. Let’s just say, those holographics didn’t hold their value like I thought they would. Pokemon was the coolest thing to hit my elementary school since Neo-Pets and Tamagotchis, and It seems that the “Gotta catch ’em all” nostalgia has caught on with millions of people around the world, seeing as Pokemon GO now has more active daily users than Twitter users on the Android platform. That’s huge! FULL POST

Posted 7/18/16 at 11:41 AM | Christian Post Guest Voices

Quick Tips for Freshening up a Resume

Maybe it has been awhile since you looked for a job. Or maybe you’ve been applying to positions and have not heard back from any of the companies. Regardless of your situation, making a few tweaks to your resume can have a drastic change on the impression it makes. Remember, hiring managers and recruiters spend only 6 seconds reviewing a resume, so it needs to be outstanding.

So how can you make the most of those 6 seconds? Focus on making sure the content and layout of the resume are eye-catching and easy to read.


  • Information should be short, sweet, and to the point.
  • Include actual accomplishments whenever possible rather than duties.
  • Numbers matter. Data such as sales figures, purchasing amounts, cases/clients handled, or money saved jump out at the person reading your resume.
  • Current jobs should be in the present tense, and former jobs in the past tense.
  • Take off any reference to high school.
  • The only information left from college should be your degree earned, any honors you graduated with, and the year. Classes taken, clubs and activities no longer matter once you have real world experience.
  • Make sure there are absolutely no typos!!


  • Bullet points are preferred over large paragraphs under each job because they are much easier to read.
  • Education can be moved to the bottom of your resume after you have a job post-graduation that is relevant to your career path.
  • Skills/Certifications may be moved to the top if your industry requires something specific. Otherwise, keep them near your education section.
  • The sections near the top of the resume should be the most important information that you want the recruiter or hiring manager to read.
  • Make sure the jobs are listed in chronological order, with the most recent at the top.
  • Don’t use charts, graphs, or images. Applicant Tracking Systems have trouble reading this information and your whole resume can be distorted as a result.
  • Pick a professional looking font in black ink, no bigger than size 12.
  • Use simple bolding, italics, or underlining to make your name, job titles, and/or company names stand out. (Think less is more. There is no need to bold, italics, and underline all the information)

Helpful Hints

  • Have a Microsoft Word AND a PDF version of your resume saved so you can easily follow the directions of the job posting.
  • Save to the cloud if possible so you can access it on the go.
  • Have a couple friends or family members read your resume each time you make changes.

Spending 10-15 minutes refreshing your resume can make the world of a difference, bringing it up-to-date and ready to help get you a new job. For more tips on resume writing, check out our posts here. FULL POST

Posted 7/18/16 at 11:27 AM | Christian Post Guest Voices

Legal vs. Illegal Interview Questions

Interviewing applicants for an open position can be a difficult task. Many times interviewing responsibilities are given to whatever manager is in charge of the department the open position is in, regardless of whether or not they have any formal HR/Recruiting experience or training.

If you’ve been given the task of interviewing candidates, you might wonder where you should even start. The answer is preparation. There are a lot of questions that you are not allowed to ask applicants during a job interview. This is because information revealed from those questions could result in employment discrimination. Before you begin interviewing, make sure you check out which interview questions are illegal to ask.

Illegal interview questions and their legal counterparts

Illegal: How old are you?
Legal: After hiring, you can ask are you over 18?

Illegal: Do you have children? Are you planning on having more?
Legal: After hiring, you can ask the number and ages of children for insurance purposes only. FULL POST

Posted 6/30/16 at 11:23 AM | Christian Post Guest Voices

Can Romance Novels Ruin Romance?

In fact, summer’s one of the few times that I let myself read novels, because I have this problem: when I start reading a novel, I am incapable of stopping until it’s finished. So if I start reading one at lunch on a day that I’m supposed to be working, nothing will get done that day (including making dinner) until the book is finished.

But in the summer, when I actually have some free time, I let myself indulge!

And I’m thinking that maybe you do, too.

So today I just wanted to start a conversation about what kinds of books we read.

I absolutely love Jane Austen (of course). I love the sweeping historical epics (like Leon Uris or Brock and Bodie Thoene), the thriller books (like Randy Alcorn), the lawyer books (like Robert Whitlow or John Grisham). I like some Jodi Picoult and Kate Morton because they make me think. I absolutely adore any mystery by P.D. James because her characters are just so GOOD. I come away wanting to have more fruits of the spirit! FULL POST

Posted 6/30/16 at 11:17 AM | Christian Post Guest Voices

Dealing With Sexual Pain? Vaginismus vs. Simple Pain

That’s one of the most common questions I get from women about to get married as virgins. Every Monday I like to take a reader question and try to answer it, and today I’d like to tackle the subject of pain during intercourse on your wedding night, and hopefully set some fears aside and help out others.

And some people really could use some help, because I saw this message on a forum I belong to last weekend, too:

We got married 5 days ago and it’s been too painful to consummate yet — any suggestions? FULL POST

Posted 6/13/16 at 8:28 AM | Christian Post Guest Voices

Stop Telling People Who Are Hurting to Pray Harder

I remember sitting on the floor of our youth building one Sunday morning while one of the dads who attended our church led a small group for me and four other boys. I was bored, I was ready to leave, and I was hoping he didn’t ask me if I memorized the Bible verse from last week; because I didn’t. I was around twelve years old and had just begun a dark and weary descent into what I didn’t know would be a six-year battle with severe depression. All I knew was this; I didn’t want to sit around with people who didn’t know me and act like everything in my life was okay. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired, and I no longer wanted to pretend like my life was just dandy.

Our small-group leader had asked the group to share what God was doing in their lives and how the rest of the group could be praying. After all the other boys had shared with the group what God was up to in their lives, it was now my turn to share. I debated whether or not to give some shallow and cliche’ answer. But while I knew that would have been the easy way out of having a deep conversation, I decided I no longer wanted to act like nothing was wrong. Instead, I told everyone that I was struggling, hurting and having a hard time with my relationship with God. Blank stares began to fixate themselves on me. Confusion filled the group. It was as if everyone was thinking, “Wow! He actually took the question seriously.” FULL POST

Posted 6/10/16 at 12:11 PM | Christian Post Guest Voices

Why “20 Minutes of Action” Can Steal a Life

Like many of you, I’ve been sickened by the story of the Stanford swimmer who sexually assaulted an unconscious woman, and received only 6 months in jail.

And especially sickened by his father’s letter to the judge, asking the judge to consider the boy’s “20 years of life” rather than “20 minutes of action”. After all, what’s twenty minutes?

When I read the victim’s 7000 word statement, I was cheering all the way.

So today, while I’m still a little under the weather and I’m having all these deep thoughts, I’d like to share a few things that have occurred to me.

1. Rape Culture Can Make Rape Seem Not That Bad

Don’t take this the wrong way, but I have a little bit of sympathy for Brock Turner. Not sympathy in the sense of “he could have had such a good life” or “it’s too bad he’s getting all this media attention”, but rather sympathy because all Brock did was live out what he had been taught. FULL POST

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