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Posted 9/17/14 at 10:37 AM | Christian Post Guest Voices

10 Reasons I Believe in Jesus Christ as God - Part 2

Photo: Flickr/onezilla - Creative Commons

By Joe McKeever

(Part 1 is posted here. Permission is given to anyone wishing to reprint these or pass them along in any Christ-honoring way.)

I believe in Jesus Christ–to my mind that is synonymous with “I believe in God”–for so many reasons, these among them….

6) THIS WORLD. Planet earth is uniquely adapted for life, unlike any other place our greatest scientists have yet discovered in the universe. Factors that make earth different from any other place ever found include….

The life-giving atmosphere…the abundance of water….the distance of the earth from the sun…the rotation of the earth…the tilt on its axis…the symbiotic balance of plants and animals…the riches in the soil…the seasons. These and hundreds more factors, known mostly to the scientifically minded, have combined to pull off the greatest miracle of the universe so far discovered: Earth. FULL POST

Posted 9/17/14 at 10:09 AM | Christian Post Guest Voices

7 Kinds of Happiness

Photo: Flickr/Candie_N - Creative Commons

By David Murray

Although this world can be a sad place, in God’s mercy there are still many different kinds of happiness in the world.

Nature happiness: This is the kind of joy that can be derived from the creation, the happiness we experience through our physical senses when we encounter God’s creation. Mountains, rivers, lakes, trees, flowers, animals, seasons, weather, food, etc., – all of them and much more can put smiles in our heart and on our face.

Social happiness: We find so much wonderful pleasure in our family and our friends. Relationships of different kinds and degrees are so integral to a happy life.

Vocational happiness: Although our jobs can often frustrate us, we also experience much job satisfaction and even exhilaration when things go well. FULL POST

Posted 9/16/14 at 1:47 PM | Christian Post Guest Voices

'The Identical,' Shoddiness, and Faith Shaming

movie poster of The Identical

By Wade Burleson

Periodically I vent when I write. I truly don't like it, but sometimes inner irritation bursts out like 'Old Faithful's' waters. Prepare yourself for a written geyser.

The faith-based family move The Identical is currently in theaters. It features some well known Hollywood actors, including Ray Loitta and Ashley Judd. Last night my wife and I were thinking about going to see a movie, and I did a quick search on reviews of The Identical. Rotten Tomatoes critics gave the movie a 5% rating, one of the lowest ever in the history of the movie review service. Interestingly, the audience gave the movie a respectable 76% rating. I thought we might go based upon the audience appraisals. FULL POST

Posted 9/16/14 at 11:50 AM | Christian Post Guest Voices

10 Reasons I Believe in Jesus Christ as God - Part 1

Photo: Flickr/onezilla - Creative Commons

By Joe McKeever

“For we walk by faith, not by sight” (2 Corinthians 5:7).

(I started this thinking these reasons would be easy to express and thus the article would be concise. But it has not turned out that way. So, this is the first half. The other 5 reasons should be posted here tomorrow.)

Driving hundreds of miles to (and from) two funerals of dear friends last week, I spent a lot of time reflecting on this thing of believing in God, serving in ministry, and going confidently into “the valley of the shadow of death.” Deacon James Gatewood and Minister Bill Hardy showed us how it’s done, from their daily faithfulness in good times to the difficult and dark days of suffering.

Our Lord said, “You believe in God; believe also in Me” (John 14:1). The way I read Scripture, He was equating the two. FULL POST

Posted 9/16/14 at 11:01 AM | Christian Post Guest Voices

1 Corinthinans 13 … Remixed For Today

couple kisses with sunset in background
Photo: Pixabay - Public Domain

By Stephen Altrogge

If I status update with such insight, hilarity, godliness, or profundity, that I get a thousand retweets and likes, yet have not love, I’m a cellphone that won’t stop ringing, or a car alarm at 2 AM.

If I understand every nuance of every complicated doctrine, including eschatology and predestination, and am a constant defender of orthodoxy, and if I am renowned for my ability to communicate truth with passion, but have not love, I’m nothing more than a first grader in the kingdom of God.

If I am a fantastic worship leader, able to lead hundreds of people in passionate worship of God, yet have not love, my skills are worth jack.

If I am a blog warrior, constantly on the attack against those who would distort the faith, yet have not love, I’m that yippy dog next door who won’t stop barking…even at 3 AM. FULL POST

Posted 9/15/14 at 4:19 PM | Christian Post Guest Voices

A Scottish View on Scottish Independence

Photo: Flickr/flickrtickr2009 - Creative Commons

By David Murray

It’s been quite “interesting” over the past week to see various Americans weigh in on whether Scotland should remain in the United Kingdom or become an independent nation, with most American journalists and bloggers favoring the unionist status quo.

There was virtually no mention of Thursday’s vote until the last week or so when a couple of opinion polls showed a surge in support for independence, bringing both sides neck and neck. That probably has nothing to do with North Korea coming out in support of an independent Scotland!

As you have to be resident in Scotland to vote, I cannot participate. At first I was a bit miffed about that, especially because tens of thousands who have come to Scotland from other nations can vote, even if they are not Scottish citizens and even if they’ve only stayed there for a few days. However, as I’ve made my home in Grand Rapids for the past seven years, and hope to apply for American citizenship as soon as is legally possible, I can’t really complain about being voteless. FULL POST

Posted 9/15/14 at 12:48 PM | Christian Post Guest Voices

What to do When Your Church Changes

Photo: Pixabay - Public Domain

By Joe Mckeever

These days in my retirement ministry, most of the churches where I’m invited to preach have these things in common….

–Almost no man wears a necktie or suit.

–On the platform you find all kinds of musical instruments.

–Huge screens are mounted on the front walls, where the words of songs and scripture are projected.

–Many people in the congregation read Scripture from their phones.

–Worship leaders are often wearing jeans and sneakers.

–In the announcements, you hear of mission trips to foreign countries, regardless of the size of the church.

–Fewer and fewer hymns are being sung, and when the old ones are brought out, they’re given new treatments. Mostly, though, what’s being sung in worship was written in the past 10 or 12 years.

–Churches announce on their outside signs “blended” services, “contemporary” services, and/or “traditional” services. FULL POST

Posted 9/12/14 at 1:55 PM | Christian Post Guest Voices

21 Reasons God May Allow More Than You Can Bear

Photo: Pixabay - Public Domain

By Ron Edmondson

I’ve written some of my most read posts about a myth. A lie. A misquoted and misapplied Bible verse.

As with most lies the enemy uses, it originates from a misapplied truth in 1 Corinthians 10:13 that talks about temptation and how when we are tempted, God always allows us a way to resist that temptation. We can’t be tempted beyond what He’s equipped us to bear. (But, even that is misapplied if it’s done on our own strength.)

So using that truth, people often stretch it to say to hurting people, “God will not put more on you than you can bear.”

Yea — right!

Tell that to me. Or my friends. Or yourself.

Ever feel defeated? Like you can’t handle what you’ve been asked to “bear”?

Imagine telling a mother of two young children after she suddenly loses her husband and fears being able to raise the children, provide for them, and keep the home in which they live, “Remember, God will not put more on you than you can bear.” FULL POST

Posted 9/12/14 at 11:02 AM | Christian Post Guest Voices

Minimizing Risk in All of Life

Photo: Flickr/Tommy Lew - Creative Commons
"I keep my eyes wide open all the time."

By Joe McKeever

“Also, keep back Thy servant from presumptuous sins” (Psalm 19:13).

There are no guarantees in this life.

I can eat whole grain foods, take my vitamins and supplements, stay with organic and get plenty of exercise, and still get hit by a Volvo while crossing the road.

Almost every magazine that comes to my house will have the occasional article telling how to cut down on life-shortening factors. After reading several of these, you learn to predict the points they will make: cut out tobacco and sweets, eat more fruits and veggies, walk some every day, and laugh a lot. Take vitamins, especially this one or that one.

I’m for that, incidentally. I do all those things. Well, except for the sweets. FULL POST

Posted 9/12/14 at 10:52 AM | Christian Post Guest Voices

The Truth Behind ISIL

Photo: Wikipedia/Victor Falk - Creative Commons
Islamic State flag

By Phillip Jensen

Two questions for today: Is ISIL Islamic? Is ISIL a State?

President Obama objects to the name ‘Islamic State’ (IS) because he says it’s neither Islamic nor a State.

This may well be good politics and wise diplomacy in a time of great world crisis. However, as truth is 'the first casualty of war' so truth has little to do with either politics or diplomacy. The patron of all politically wise diplomats is the man who asked the rhetorical question “What is truth?” (John 18:38).

Politics and diplomacy usefully deal with the present and short-term future but rarely address the long-term problems of humanity. They deal with the symptoms of distress but not the causes of conflict. FULL POST

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