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Posted 1/30/15 at 10:40 AM | Christian Post Guest Voices

Lottery Winners: Proof Money Can’t Buy Happiness

While many people may believe the statement “money can’t buy happiness,” nearly everyone would like to put that theory to test! People will almost always believe wholeheartedly that they would become immensely happy if only they had more money.

As I write this, 130,000 Powerball tickets are being sold each minute. And though they know their chances of winning are remote, gamblers stake their hopes on them. Yet the track record of happiness for lottery winners is shocking.

After a group of co-workers won $450 million in 2013, Willie Seeley took the microphone at a press conference. Beaming, he said, “We are very happy, happy, happy.” He and his wife appeared on NBC’s TODAY show, where he said he was going to fish, hunt and do as he pleased.

When I saw the video six months after it happened, I thought, “I wonder how long that lasted?” I’d read too many stories to believe the happiness would hold. FULL POST

Posted 1/29/15 at 8:53 AM | Christian Post Guest Voices

The Importance of Modesty and Self-Control

I originally wrote this post a few days ago but quickly took it down after starting quite the controversy. I didn’t necessarily understand what I had said wrong, but after a few days of prayer and revamping of the post, I have re-written the post to better get across my heart on the issue.

 Sex sells in today’s world, and it’s hard to walk around without seeing a billboard, commercial or magazine cover that elevates sensuality in order to sell a product or service. Not only is immodesty advertised an as everyday hobby, but self-control is treated as less than important. Christians should be different shouldn’t they? I think so.

The Importance Of Modesty For Women

This post isn’t going to be popular, but it’s definitely something that needs to be said. I’m a next-gen pastor, husband and soon to be father who greatly yearns for today’s men and women to find their identity in Christ. And while I believe the church of today is making big strides in helping women come to realize that their worth isn’t found in their looks, I can’t help but realize how many women might still choose to wear immodest articles of clothing without realizing the harm it can have on the people around them, including the younger generation. FULL POST

Posted 1/29/15 at 8:47 AM | Christian Post Guest Voices

Cherish Your Wife

Margaret is still with us as I write, so this is not an obit.

I just wanted to express more fully the appreciation of our family for the faithful prayers of countless friends far and wide who have lifted her and us to the Father since Margaret’s massive heart attack last Friday around noon.


Friday morning perhaps around 11 am, Margaret had driven herself to the nail salon for a pedicure.The ladies there say she had just seated herself on the chair when she began coughing. Then, she passed out.

They ran next door to the laundromat and asked for help. Someone called 911. The Harahan police station is a block away, and they responded immediately, followed by the firefighters. They started CPR, and rushed her to Ochsner’s Hospital, some three miles or so to the east.

The hospital called my house. “Sir, you need to come to the emergency immediately.” Daughter-in-law Julie had to drive me since we have only the one car.(I was afraid Margaret might have been in an accident. She’s driving very little these days and has been getting around with a walker or cane. But this drive was short and the parking was easy. Still, I was concerned.) FULL POST

Posted 1/28/15 at 4:17 PM | Christian Post Guest Voices

Status: Single But Heart Taken

Every girl dreams of the day that she gets to walk into a room and show off a glittering ring. Not just any ring, but a diamond ring. Amidst the oohs and ahhs, there is a feeling of change, because this is not just another a girl wearing a ring… this ring says something to the world about this girl. She has been loved, chosen, set apart, taken. She is no longer available to all other men. She is reserved for the love and companionship of one man for the rest of her life.

Every last one of us wants to find that one man who will choose us and set us apart from all other women to be completely his. For some of us it has happened, for others of us, it has not. Either way, I’m going to tell you that, man or no man, you have been set apart- Chosen by God- put on reserve for his love and the love he has planned for you.

But now, this is what the LORD says— he who created you, O Jacob, he who formed you, O Israel: “Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have summoned you by name; you are mine. Isaiah 43:1 FULL POST

Posted 1/28/15 at 12:52 PM | Christian Post Guest Voices

Why Chasing Your Dreams is Important

On October 11, 2011 I purchased the domain name I believed this domain would be the start of something fun, refreshing and exciting for the sake of faith and culture.

Not Everyone Understood

I’d be lying if I said everyone around me felt the same way about my vision, but I knew this outside-the-box idea had potential to be something bigger than even I could possibly imagine. I pursued it because I believed in it, regardless of how silly it may have seemed at the time.

My chicken-scratch words written in a small journal, four years before Jesus Swagger became a reality.

I’m extremely unconventional when it comes to faith and culture, and I enjoy expressing my thoughts and opinions on the beautiful collision that takes place when the two meet together. Why? Because I believe Jesus came to reclaim culture for the sake of His purpose, not reject it.

Push Forward

Everybody has something in their life worth chasing. And although the people around you may not see the same splendor you do, this doesn’t mean you are to pack up your things and hide those dreams in the basement of your parents house. If this were the case, Michael Jordan would have never played basketball, Steve Jobs would have never founded Apple, and U2 would have never stepped foot into the music scene. FULL POST

Posted 1/28/15 at 11:57 AM | Christian Post Guest Voices

My Biggest Problem in Crisis Ministry

Take last evening for instance.

A friend who is on the staff of a large church in the northern part of our state emailed about a family basically living in the ICU ward of a local hospital in our city. Doctors have told the parents nothing more can be done for the daughter. So they are standing by, waiting for God to take her.

My friend had planned to drive down to see them, but because of a cold decided it was best if he canceled and asked me to call on them.

An hour later, I was in the hospital room with the family.

The patient was either sleeping or heavily sedated and several family members and friends were seated around the room, talking softly. They greeted me warmly, having already been informed that I was coming.

Now, two things about this family I found amazing. They have lived in the intensive care units of their hospital back home and the one here for over 40 days. And yet, they have such a steady peace and beautiful joy about them.

And so, here is my problem, one I have frequently encountered when calling on the families of Godly people going through various kinds of crises: Do I enter into their joy or remain outside? FULL POST

Posted 1/28/15 at 11:47 AM | Christian Post Guest Voices

Comfort, Hope and Encouragement

Some days no one but God has the right words. Nothing I can say stacks up against what follows. Read, believe and thank God that even when we don’t sense His presence, He’s with us and at work in a thousand ways we can’t see. But our failure to see is not the same as His failing to be present and to be working together all things for our good (Romans 8:28).

I suggest you read each of these verses aloud. Or, stop on one that really speaks to you and read and reread it aloud. Meditate on it, memorize it, and let God speak to your heart as only He can. These are the very words of God. Shut out all the rest of the voices in the world—TV, radio, magazines, books, internet, email, social media—and listen to His voice alone.

Read the passages that follow in light of this first one, and listen for the voice of God in all of them: FULL POST

Posted 1/22/15 at 12:35 PM | Christian Post Guest Voices

Field Trip to a Junk Yard

How can we teach our children the emptiness of materialism in a direct and memorable way? Take them to a garage sale and show them how things that people spent great amounts of money on are now sold for pennies.

Or, take them to visit a dump or junkyard. It can actually be a great family event. (The lines are shorter than at amusement parks, admission is free, and little boys love it.) Show them all the piles of “treasures” that were formerly Christmas and birthday presents. Point out things costing hundreds of dollars, that children quarreled about, friendships were lost over, honesty was sacrificed for, and marriages broke up over. Show them the remnants of battered dolls, rusted robots, and crashed cars. Let them look at the expensive furniture and electronic gadgets that now lie useless. Point out to them that nearly everything your family owns will one day end up in a junkyard like this.

Then read, or ask them to read, 2 Peter 3:10-14, which says when Christ returns the whole world “will be destroyed by fire” and “the earth and everything in it will be laid bare.” Ask them the ultimate question: “When all that you owned lies abandoned, broken, burned and useless, what will you have done that will last for eternity?” FULL POST

Posted 1/22/15 at 11:45 AM | Christian Post Guest Voices

Tip or Tithe?

If you are a parent you can relate to this but regardless if you are or not I’m sure you have had this happen to you. My daughter and I were at a gas station recently and while filling up she wanted to go into the convenient store. So opposed to let her sit in the car alone (which is never a good idea) we walked in together to buy (you guessed it) – CANDY! She is a smooth talker and she had her eyes (or should I say stomach) set on some M&M’s. She thinks I’m “plain” and she wanted the peanuts knowing I’m “nuts” to buy it for her.

So I buy her candy and we get in the car, put on our seatbelts, I start the car, throw it in drive, look to my left and right to proceed with caution and as we head out on the highway I reach back and say: “Hannah, give me some of your candy.” Without missing a beat she replied: “No! They’re mine.” What is wrong with this picture? The irony is I paid for it and had I not granted them to her she wouldn’t have anything to eat much less withold from me. Wow! I am not trying to call out my daughter online because God immediately spoke to my heart and said: “Frank, (God never calls me evangelist or pastor) at times you have done the very same thing and multiplied millions of people do it to Me daily.” How? Everything we have is from God’s Hand but we either accidentally, intentionally or rebelliously don’t give God what is rightfully His. FULL POST

Posted 1/22/15 at 9:43 AM | Christian Post Guest Voices

The Day You Started to Die

I was reading the short wikipedia bio of a British entertainer whom you might know (but who will remain anonymous here simply because his name does not matter).

The writer told how the celebrity was a regular on British television for over three decades. Finally, the network decided his work was declining along with his audience and so canceled him. Within three years, the man was dead, even though he was still in his 60s. This sentence remains with me: “The day they canceled his contract is the day he began to die.”

We’ve all known of individuals who died shortly after retiring from their life work. Whether retirement caused the death, hastened the death, or was completely irrelevant is something no one can know. But we each have our own suspicions.

Assuming that is a legitimate statement, that when the human spirit is “canceled,” so to speak, the human body begins to shut down and death is imminent, we can make statements such as the following…. FULL POST

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