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A Guide to Waging War Through Prayer

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By Michael F. Haverluck

Forget the pastoral settings for prayer cast with rolling meadows and fragrant flowers. National Day of Prayer Task Force Vice Chair John Bornschein unveils prayer for what it really is—a powerful weapon to be wielded in spiritual warfare. His new digital book The Front Line: A Prayer Warrior’s Guide to Spiritual Battle is riddled with wartime imagery and anecdotes in a crusade to shake Americans out of the trenches and onto the front line of battle—against the destructive forces dismantling our nation.

Just in time for this year’s National Day of Prayer and only months out from the presidential election, The Front Line, published by Kirkdale Press and discounted by Vyrso: Christian Ebooks through May 3rd, sets out to lay aside common misperceptions of prayer and set the record—and America—straight. Bornschein, a frequent host on Family Talk broadcasts and Salem’s Life Today radio program, isn’t afraid to sound the battle cry and take the Church through spiritual boot camp. And he’s never witnessed a more pressing time for prayer, seeing the Christian underpinnings of our country being attacked from every side.

“Given the troubling times facing our country, I remain convinced that heartfelt and persistent prayer has never been more crucial,” Bornschein contends. “It’s only through the humble intercession of God’s people and His gracious response that we’ll see healing and revival. As culture continues to crumble by casting out Truth for moral relativism (godlessness and lawlessness), we must realize that the Church is a stronghold in this world. We’re lifting the standard on the battlefield, and we must stand firm.”

Bornschein, who co-hosts the weekly podcast Engage in Truth, argues that even though all Americans are effected by attacks on the Christian foundation of society, most sit quietly on the sidelines while laying down their most powerful weapon—prayer.

“The challenge is that many in the Church don’t know how to pray,” Bornschein insists. “They think they do, but in reality, they don’t understand the mountain-moving power of prayer—a relationship so deep and pure with Almighty God that an audacious faith is unleashed with world-transformational power. We’re content with mediocrity in our walk with the Lord. I wrote this book … for the purpose of opening eyes to the battle for the minds of men and how to be effective on the front line through prayer.”

Leaving their fatigues in the closet, many Americans feel stripped of their power and swamped when facing their daily battles without a sufficient covering of prayer.

“Christians, especially men, often lump prayer into the category of the intangibles and wield it as a last resort when confronted with difficult situations,” Bornschein explained. “Far too often, it has to be a really difficult situation to merit a little humility to push us to our knees. It’s amazing how we struggle with the concept of prayer. We think we’re experiencing all that prayer has to offer with our token mealtime utterings or at the bedside blessing with our children as we quote lines from passed-down traditions.”

Bornschein chose to voice this wake-up call through Kirkdale Press, which he says is on “the cutting edge of information dissemination” with its rich tagging of resources within his ebook, that “is now accessible to the entire world and … only a few clicks away.”

“The need for prayer must be continually impressed throughout our nation if we’re to preserve the biblical heritage that’s enabled America to become great,” Bornshein concluded, anticipating May 3rd’s NDOP. Dr. David Jeremiah is the honorary chairman of the event, which is themed “One Nation under God.”

Michael F. Haverluck is Senior Media Relations Specialist at Logos Bible Software

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