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​After the Election: Where Do We Go From Here?

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By Ginny Dent Brant

On Wednesday, Nov. 7th, I received some devastating news—Lady Liberty, the mother who raised me from birth and gave me the freedom to be what I am today, was declared terminally ill. Oh, I knew moral decay was spreading throughout her borders like cancer, but many of us were fighting with every breath to save and heal her. Half of the country is in mourning and unbelievably, half is celebrating—leaving a nation divided.

Those who fought bravely to save her included many patriots over the years, 500 retired generals and admirals, many pastors across this country, and many of the faithful who fasted and prayed. Many Christian leaders of our day warned us about the seriousness of her affliction such as Billy and Franklin Graham, John Hagee, Mike Huckabee, Don Wilton, Ed Young, Sr., Chuck Colson, Beth Moore, Kay Arthur, etc., yet many did not heed their warnings. I’m encouraged by the number of pastors who preached on the Biblical issues at stake and held prayer vigils. We can say, “We did what we could.”

The Cause of Her Imminent Death

Yes, hard to believe, a majority of Americans (60 million) voted for a platform that stood against traditional marriage, the sanctity of life, freedom, Israel, and taming our looming deficit. In addition, three states approved gay marriage (now making a total of nine), and two states approved the legalization of recreational marijuana.

It’s unprecedented that a President who’s increased the unemployment rate, escalated the deficit, weakened the military and our presence in the world, and who’s openly stood against the foundation of this country, could stand against the experience and character of a man known for saving failing corporations, Mitt Romney. Francis Schaeffer once said, “The media controls the culture.” In a day when PEW research reports that 80% of our journalists are self-professed liberals, we now have a biased media determining the outcome of elections. And now, Barack Obama is reelected with no future election or reliable media to hold him accountable to the people. For a Lady who was birthed in Biblical principles, this was the straw that delivered the final blow to her weakened defense system.

Excuse Me While I Mourn

I must admit it was hard for me to get up Wednesday morning as the devastating news engulfed my body in grief and depression. I grew up in the halls of power in our nation’s capital. Her monuments, engraved in tribute to God, were my playground. So excuse me while I mourn the eventual loss of this Lovely Lady who nourished millions from the cradle. When she breathes her last breath, it will grieve me to the core. It will be painful to watch her die a slow and painful death as our religious and earthly freedoms are stripped little by little.

As more liberal judges are appointed, more illegal’s invade our borders, more citizens become dependent upon her breasts for their sustenance, more trillions are added to the national debt, more far reaching Executive Orders are signed, and more scandals are swept under the rug with no accountability to the people or scrutiny by the media, there is no hope for Lady Liberty. She cannot be saved—except by a miracle of God Himself. We must pray for that miracle.

A Fair Question

In September, I spoke to over 2000 faculty and students at Charleston Southern University (CSU) about the importance of family, faith and freedom. Afterwards, I had the privilege of meeting with student leaders. One of the leaders asked me, “Mrs. Brant, you said God is sovereign over all things. Do you think He might allow our current president to be reelected to bring hard times to America and persecution to the church?”

My response was clear, “I’m praying not, and I’m doing everything I can to not let that happen. But if it does, I will know God has a greater plan. The church has always grown more through persecution than prosperity.” He was much wiser than his years. Persecution and trials have always deepened the faith of the church and challenged us to match our walk with our talk.

The Church Did Not Show Up

It is clear that 60% of our young people supported this platform, revealing we’ve not taught them the basic lessons of history, freedom, and what has made this nation the envy of the world. Our party platforms have never been at polar opposites. And at such a critical time as this, the numbers showed that in many cases, the church did not show up as expected. Many voted for a platform contrary to God’s Word. Some pastors failed to inform their congregations as to the Biblical issues at stake. After clear admonitions from Cardinal Dolan of the Catholic Church, even the Catholic vote leaned slightly towards the president.

The Forty-Seven Percent and JFK

JFK’s most famous quote, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country,” has turned into a long list of entitlements. A nation which rewards laziness and punishes a strong work ethic is doomed to fall. We will soon have more people living off the government than supporting it. And they will vote to keep those in office who will allow them to feed at her breasts.

Sadly, It’s a New Day

So here we are. It’s a new day. The people have spoken. This is not about two men, for our presidents are merely a reflection of our culture and how we are changing. In this case, it’s more about us as a nation, than it is about any candidate. It’s about reaping what we sow.

We’ve fallen for the delusion that government control can solve all of our problems and that Lady Liberty can never die. As Joseph Tson, a pastor from the underground church in Romania warned us, “Communism looks good, but it tastes horrible.” And we’re foolishly embracing it into our lives when it has never proven successful anywhere in this world.

Our Addiction

We’re a country addicted to debt. Just the idea that electing some candidates to office, who would prevent or postpone our dive over a fiscal cliff, was clearly out of our comfort zone. Afraid of the pain of withdrawal, we decided to ignore the problems and continue with the current direction. True, the election of Mitt Romney would bring hardship and withdrawals pains, but that’s the price of addiction. Everybody would have to suffer for her to become healthy again. No man could have done it alone; it would have taken the Hand of God. Our nation decided driving over the cliff at full throttle is the better alternative. We have lost our way and our common sense.

Does God Have a Woodshed?

The nation Israel went through seven cycles of apostasy in Judges. As they turned from God, He sent prophets to warn them. When they did not turn back, He sent an oppressor. When the pain and pressure became unbearable, they would cry out asking forgiveness, and He restored them. History reveals one oppressor was Babylon.

In many ways, we emulate Israel. Our nation was founded on Biblical principles and God has been a part since her beginning. As we continue to remove Him and His principles, He warns us. When those warnings fail, He lovingly disciplines to restore us. In the South we call that taking someone to the woodshed. We don’t have to be taken into exile; our woodshed could be our own backyard. President Obama could be our Babylon—that oppression used by God to bring us back to Him. If we pray God’s will be done, God could change our hearts and even his heart. Time will tell.

God Has a Plan

While driving this morning, I saw the sun rise over the lake. Its rays were extraordinarily bright as its fingers reached across the horizon. It was so blinding, I could not look upon it. God was speaking. He was reminding me that HE MADE THAT SUN AND HE IS THERE. HE HAS A PLAN. HE WILL NEVER LEAVE US AND FORSAKE US. Yes, as I told those CSU students, HE IS SOVEREIGN.

Our prosperity and our freedoms have distorted our dependence upon God. As those in the underground church in Romania, China, and the Middle East have taught us, we must learn to live totally by faith and not by sight. We must be purified as the Romanians who emerged from the underground church. They told me many times how their roots grew deep—and so must ours. When in China, I discovered nearly 10% of their population was in the underground church. Oh, God can’t be limited by freedoms or the lack thereof. He won’t be confined in a box. I even met believers in the Middle East who had the joy of Jesus in their hearts. Although our religious and earthly freedoms may be limited, no one can ever take our freedom in Christ.

Many have fought to preserve the freedoms of this country. My involvement was motivated by my own comfort and my wish to keep the door open to missions. I genuinely desire our nation to continue to be the beacon light to the world and an ally to Israel to the bitter end. But God may have another plan. We are so limited in our knowledge and understanding. Maybe God wants to show Israel, that only He ALONE can save her. Maybe parts of Africa will be the next great countries to carry the gospel to a lost world. Maybe He wants to show us ONLY He can save us—if we would turn back to Him?

A Reminder - Our One True Hope and Home

We cannot stop the movement towards a one-world government that occurs at the end of time. The Bible clearly tells us it will happen and prophecies show the end of time is near. We must remember, this earth is not our home—we’re just passing through. We are part of an everlasting Kingdom that will never end. Our one true hope is Christ and our real home is Heaven. The demise of Lady Liberty is more spiritual than political, and we more than ever need a spiritual revival in this nation. It is the only cure that can reverse her cancer and moral decay.

The Challenge, Our Mission

As Dwight Moody said:

“The world is a sinking ship. Our job is not to save the ship, but to get people off the ship, before it goes down.”

The ship has so many holes; she’s barely afloat. Our true mission in life is to be salt and light to a world in darkness. As God burns off the dross in our lives through hardship, many positive things will happen. We may experience: evangelical denominations cooperating for the gospel, the words of the Bible leaping off the pages to nourish our hungry souls, our prayer life bringing us closer to God’s heart, hymns soothing our depressed souls as never before, and our roots growing deep. We will learn finally how to walk by faith, and not by sight. And we will live with eternity in mind, yearning for our heavenly home.

So what are you doing to get people off the ship before it goes down?

Ginny Dent Brant is a writer and speaker who grew up in the halls of power in Washington, DC. Her book about her spiritual journey with her father, Harry S. Dent, Sr., Finding True Freedom: From the White House to the World was released in 2010. She is a former trustee of the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention. Ginny and her husband Alton live in Clemson/Seneca, SC. More info at

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