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Posted 1/22/15 at 12:35 PM | Christian Post Guest Voices

Field Trip to a Junk Yard

How can we teach our children the emptiness of materialism in a direct and memorable way? Take them to a garage sale and show them how things that people spent great amounts of money on are now sold for pennies.

Or, take them to visit a dump or junkyard. It can actually be a great family event. (The lines are shorter than at amusement parks, admission is free, and little boys love it.) Show them all the piles of “treasures” that were formerly Christmas and birthday presents. Point out things costing hundreds of dollars, that children quarreled about, friendships were lost over, honesty was sacrificed for, and marriages broke up over. Show them the remnants of battered dolls, rusted robots, and crashed cars. Let them look at the expensive furniture and electronic gadgets that now lie useless. Point out to them that nearly everything your family owns will one day end up in a junkyard like this.

Then read, or ask them to read, 2 Peter 3:10-14, which says when Christ returns the whole world “will be destroyed by fire” and “the earth and everything in it will be laid bare.” Ask them the ultimate question: “When all that you owned lies abandoned, broken, burned and useless, what will you have done that will last for eternity?” FULL POST

Posted 1/22/15 at 11:45 AM | Christian Post Guest Voices

Tip or Tithe?

If you are a parent you can relate to this but regardless if you are or not I’m sure you have had this happen to you. My daughter and I were at a gas station recently and while filling up she wanted to go into the convenient store. So opposed to let her sit in the car alone (which is never a good idea) we walked in together to buy (you guessed it) – CANDY! She is a smooth talker and she had her eyes (or should I say stomach) set on some M&M’s. She thinks I’m “plain” and she wanted the peanuts knowing I’m “nuts” to buy it for her.

So I buy her candy and we get in the car, put on our seatbelts, I start the car, throw it in drive, look to my left and right to proceed with caution and as we head out on the highway I reach back and say: “Hannah, give me some of your candy.” Without missing a beat she replied: “No! They’re mine.” What is wrong with this picture? The irony is I paid for it and had I not granted them to her she wouldn’t have anything to eat much less withold from me. Wow! I am not trying to call out my daughter online because God immediately spoke to my heart and said: “Frank, (God never calls me evangelist or pastor) at times you have done the very same thing and multiplied millions of people do it to Me daily.” How? Everything we have is from God’s Hand but we either accidentally, intentionally or rebelliously don’t give God what is rightfully His. FULL POST

Posted 1/22/15 at 9:43 AM | Christian Post Guest Voices

The Day You Started to Die

I was reading the short wikipedia bio of a British entertainer whom you might know (but who will remain anonymous here simply because his name does not matter).

The writer told how the celebrity was a regular on British television for over three decades. Finally, the network decided his work was declining along with his audience and so canceled him. Within three years, the man was dead, even though he was still in his 60s. This sentence remains with me: “The day they canceled his contract is the day he began to die.”

We’ve all known of individuals who died shortly after retiring from their life work. Whether retirement caused the death, hastened the death, or was completely irrelevant is something no one can know. But we each have our own suspicions.

Assuming that is a legitimate statement, that when the human spirit is “canceled,” so to speak, the human body begins to shut down and death is imminent, we can make statements such as the following…. FULL POST

Posted 1/21/15 at 2:13 PM | Christian Post Guest Voices

8 Things Jesus Never Said

Jesus said a lot of things throughout the Bible, but there are also a lot of things he didn’t. Here are 8 things Jesus never said.

1. No shirt, no shoes, no service.

Jesus never gave prerequisites for encountering his love. Regardless of your past, the love of Christ is available for anyone who is willing to accept it. Nobody is too flawed for forgiveness and eternal salvation.

2. Follow me, and I will bring you fame and fortune.

Jesus never promises fame or fortune, yet these are also not things he opposes if used for his glory. If your reasoning for seeking a relationship with God is material focused, you may want to evaluate what god you’re really yearning for.

3. Everything will go according to your plans.

Many of us pray to Jesus thinking that everything we ask of Him is going to be answered in our timing. The reality is that not all prayers will be answered, but that Jesus does have the power to fulfill any prayer that is asked of him. He’s that BIG! Just because a prayer isn’t answered in your timing does not mean your prayer has been ignored. God hears all, knows all, and knows what’s best for each of us as individuals. Take a step back and trust in God, his timing, and his will. FULL POST

Posted 1/21/15 at 11:28 AM | Christian Post Guest Voices

What Is The Value of a Human Life?

America finds itself in a moment where, culturally and historically, we are having conversations about the value of human life that have serious and long reaching consequences. I spent several hours recently following the reactions to the recent events in Ferguson, MO and New York City and I was drawn to a hashtag being used on social media. It simply said #BlackLivesMatter - and the comments that it generated ranged from impassioned to angry to hopeful. Soon after, another hashtag appeared that generated even more conversation - #AllLivesMatter

As I was reading and praying for our nation at this critical moment, thinking that truly, all lives should matter, I reflected back on my own life. I just turned 42 years old. I was born in 1972 to a 15 year old girl. She had no husband or boyfriend, no job or family support, and no real hope of caring for me. But she valued human life, so she made a decision to give me away to a family that would also value my life. I was adopted by a humble, hard-working couple who couldn't have children naturally, one year before abortion was legalized in America. I count my life as a miracle because it would have been more convenient for her to have ended my life and gotten on with hers. But she chose a harder, better path. FULL POST

Posted 1/21/15 at 11:15 AM | Christian Post Guest Voices

How to Bring Down a Church Bully

Church bullies have always been part of the ecclesiastical landscape.

They had them in the first century, as evidenced by the tiny epistle of Third John. A brute named Diotrephes was ruling his congregation with a strong hand. The Evangelist John turned the spotlight on what the man was doing, which ordinarily is sufficient to arouse the congregation to unseat the man. John ended with a promise: “If I come, I will call attention to what he is doing.”

Don’t miss the understatement of that: “I will call attention to what he is doing.”

That will be quite enough. When the Beloved Apostle (for so was John known in the early church) stands before an adoring congregation and informs the membership what their so-called leader has been doing behind their backs, they will deal with him.

That has always been the Lord’s plan: Tell the church, expose the brute, expect God’s people to do the right thing. FULL POST

Posted 1/21/15 at 10:27 AM | Christian Post Guest Voices

Developing Godly Qualities in Our Children

What qualities does God want us to develop in our children? No need to guess. Scripture tells us specifically: “And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to have mercy and to walk humbly with your God” (Micah 6:8). These three requirements are a basis for evaluating our children’s character development:

1. Are my children learning to act justly? That is, to deal honestly and fairly with others, and to respect, care for and intervene on behalf of the weak, vulnerable and oppressed? (Or are they compromising in matters of morals and integrity, and passively accepting society’s mistreatment of those for whom God says we should speak up?)

2. Are my children learning to be merciful? That is, to discern with sensitivity the personal and spiritual needs of others in family, school, community, society and world, and reach out to them in love and compassion? (Or are they part of a clique that snubs the non-cool, or so absorbed in their own activities, interests and possessions that they don’t see or care about the hurting people around them?) FULL POST

Posted 1/15/15 at 3:33 PM | Christian Post Guest Voices

Working Out as a Couple

Four years ago, my husband was told that he needed to get fit… or else.

It was a doomsday diagnosis for us, a young pastor and his homemaker wife struggling to make a difference at a very difficult church. Stress levels were high but not nearly as high as my sweet husband’s blood pressure. When his doctor discovered this problem during a routine checkup, he told Wes there were two options — get fit or go on medication.

Like most young pastors and their wives, we doubted we could afford the medication, so we decided to go with the other option and get in shape together. Neither one of us could run a quarter of a mile at that point, so it was with great faith, anticipation, and even a little bit of fear that we signed up for our first race (so that we had a looming deadline on the calendar to keep us accountable) and began training, one tiny step at a time.

What we learned in the process was that getting in shape together, as a team, would do a lot for our health and abundantly more for the health of our marriage. FULL POST

Posted 1/15/15 at 12:20 PM | Christian Post Guest Voices

Leaders and Sin in the Camp

The way a ministry deals with the “sin issue” has to do with the kind of calling or ministry DNA the Lord has called them to operate in. One of my pastor friends has several thousand members in his “seeker friendly” church. He said about a quarter to a third of his congregation are cohabitating with someone they are not married to. He doesn’t try to convict them through sermons because he is trying to develop a trusting relationship with them so they will allow the other ministry leaders to address their moral issues later in their home groups. He’s not trying to clean the fish until he knows he really has them in the boat.

Some of my other pastor friends see that philosophy as compromising the Word of God. They clearly see it as watering down the Gospel in order to draw larger crowds. They believe it to be the main reason why the American Church has become so worldly and unable to positively affect the culture. They also believe these ministers are spineless and fear man more than they fear God. They confidently say nobody in their church of 200 is sleeping around, because they are the “real” believers. FULL POST

Posted 1/15/15 at 11:19 AM | Christian Post Guest Voices

This is Important

Welcome to 2015. You are half way through the first month and already it seems you have so much to do and so little time to do it. Deadlines, resolutions, schedules all intermingle to form mounds of mini freak outs and sleepless nights. Your time is taken by worry, stress, and work, and your mind races away dragging you along behind.

Sound familiar?

I know it does. While some amount of stress is unavoidable if we are to get anything done at all, MOST of our stress comes from places that are not healthy, and not godly.

What does the Bible say about worry and stress?

Philippians 4:6 – Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.

Philippians 4:13 – I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. FULL POST

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