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Confessing Lust to Your Wife: How Detailed Should You Be?

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By Luke Gilkerson

I’ve always appreciated the helpful insights provided by the counselors at CCEF (Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation). For over 40 years this group has set the standard for a biblical counseling model.

This video is of David Powlison, one of their faculty, answers the tough question, “When a husband confesses an instance of lust to his wife, how specific should he be? General confession? Detailed confession? Somewhere in between?

How specific should a husband be in confessing ...

Powlison calls for what he calls a “generic specificity” in this sort of confession. The confession must be specific: the wife must know what sort of sin she is forgiving, the gravity of it. At the same time, the confession should be general: there is no need to spell out gory details.

Powlison offers the story of David and Bathsheba as a good model of sharing detail.

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Luke Gilkerson is Internet Community Manager for Covenant Eyes, an Internet accountability service.

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