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Giglio, God, Gays, and Veritaphobia

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By Ron F. Hale

Pastor Louie Giglio has been pressured off the stage of President Obama’s second inauguration – Why?

Twenty years ago, I attended a two day meeting at Focus on the Family in Colorado Springs. A deacon in my church had just started working for Dr. Dobson and H.B. London, Jr., so he was instrumental in getting me invited. I felt very inconsequential sitting in a room with leaders of the largest churches and ministries in America.

For two days, leaders from business and ministry shared their findings concerning the strategy of the radical homosexual agenda in America. They shared how the arenas of education, media, business, and government would be invaded with an activist agenda. They predicted how a convergence of progressive groups would seek to socially segregate and isolate those holding to a Biblical worldview.

Pastor Louie Giglio of Atlanta was invited by the President Inaugural Committee to deliver the benediction at the upcoming inaugural on January 21. Due to a tsunami of criticism generated by far-left pressure groups, Pastor Giglio has tendered his statement of withdrawal.

Why the criticism of Pastor Giglio?

According to Sheryl Gay Stolberg of the New York Times (1-09-2013), Think Progress, a liberal blog affiliated with the Center for American Progress Action Fund, reported on a sermon delivered by Pastor Giglio in the mid-1990s. In the sermon, Giglio cites Scripture saying that homosexuality “is sin in the eyes of God, and it is sin in the word of God.” He also spoke of hope and healing found in Jesus Christ.

The New York Times reporter quoted John Aravosis of the pro-gay Americablog by saying, “You’d think that once burned, the Obama inaugural team would be twice shy about picking an antigay bigot for the swearing-in ceremony.”

That statement was a slurring reference to Pastor Rick Warren being selected four years earlier to pray. Warren is known for standing up for traditional marriage in California.

Stolberg’s last paragraph states, “But the president also pleased his gay constituency on Wednesday, when his committee announced that it had selected Richard Blanco, an openly gay writer of Cuban descent, to be the 2013 inaugural poet.”

Well there you have it!

The openly gay poet is glorified and the Christian Pastor is vilified by the Left and the Obama team gladly follows. Those who once screamed the word “intolerance” at people for simply standing up for traditional marriage are the personification of intolerance when they feel the weight of a President leaning their way.

One definition of “veritaphobia” is the fear of knowing, telling, and revealing the truth; it’s a new “urban” word.

I can only hope this story will wake up a sleeping Church all across America to the truth that secular forces are committed to chipping away the moral foundation of America.

I pray that we will get our heads out of the sand and realize that an “organized non-religion” is working overtime to erode our Constitutional right to freedom of speech and prohibiting the free exercise of our Christian faith and the liberty to preach or teach a sermon straight out of the book (if that is our conviction) without the fear of government payback.

Yes, it’s time for the fog and illness of “veritaphobia” to be lifted from the eyes, hearts, and minds of God-fearing people. God help us!

Ron F. Hale has served local churches and at the denominational level for over thirty-five years.

© Ron F. Hale, January 10, 2013

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