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Let’s Not Wave the White Flag so Fast

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By Todd Friel

The election of 2012 may go down in history as the official date that America became a post-Christian nation. Clearly it was not the economy, stupid. A new non-Christian worldview determined this election.

Pundits are predicting that this is only the beginning. If we hope to win the White House in the future they claim, we better change our position on moral issues. Funny, they don’t say that about taxes and big government.

Anne Coulter made it clear that we strict pro-lifers need to back off on our no exceptions position. Apparently she is pro-life unless it means losing an election.

Bernie Goldberg, with the nodding approval of Bill O’Reilly, warned Christians to stop “Bible bashing and get out of people’s bedrooms. So much for our slobbering love affair with Bernie.

Ross Douthat of the New York Times and Rod Dreher of the American Conservative argue strenuously that Christians better surrender to the gay rights movement and negotiate for terms of peace. What are those terms? Stop quibbling over marriage and ask that they will graciously protect your religious right to privately hold to your antiquated beliefs. Sorry, Gentlemen, not so fast.

Before we negotiate what would certainly make the Treaty of Versailles look like a good idea, perhaps we Christians should reconsider the amount of energy and time we have been pouring into politics and get back to what the Bible says our mandate is. In order of priority:

  1. Work on our own relationship with our God.
  2. Love our spouses and children and encourage them to love the Lord.
  3. Be faithful servants in our local churches.
  4. Go and make disciples.
  5. Serve our communities and our world.

To that end, here are five practical ways the election tide could be turned.

  1. Our churches need a serious housecleaning. What liberalism did for most Protestant denominations, the seeker sensitive church growth movement is doing for evangelicalism.
  2. Despite the oft repeated myth that evangelicals are getting divorced at the same rate as unbelievers, evangelical homes are suffering the ravages of no-fault divorce to the tune of one out of every three marriages. It is a canard for the gay community to argue for same-sex marriage because we have made such a hash of it, but it sure would help us protect something we treated with more care.
  3. It is time to reclaim the massive territory taken by John Dewey and his progressive heirs, the education system. It is time to raise up missionaries who will be teachers in secular schools.
  4. It is time to reignite that great Biblical tradition of open-air preaching. We need an army of well equipped, winsome and bold open-air preachers to invade college campuses and public spaces to proclaim the good news.
  5. To our shame, the top three Christian TV networks are filled with big-haired, fancy suit wearing, charlatan kooks. It is time to create quality television programs that are sound and captivating. There is no excuse for Christians to not be competing in this arena. We have the talent, ideas and money.

Should we do these things to simply win an election? No, we should do these things because this is what our Bible says we are supposed to do.

Unlike Reagonomics where the economy trickles down, morality and good politicians actually trickle up. We will not have a better society by electing moral politicians; we will have better politicians when we have a more moral society.

Our job is not to reclaim America. Our job is to be Biblical Christians and America will be transformed.

Todd Friel is host of Wretched Television & Radio which are named after a phrase in the song Amazing Grace. "Amazing grace, how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me."

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