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Listen to Your Body

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7 Reasons Why Homosexuality is Wrong

By David W. New, Esq.

For the purposes of this article, let’s set aside the religious objections to homosexuality. Let’s assume that God does not exist and that the Holy Bible was never written. Are there good reasons to oppose homosexuality? Is it reasonable to object to the homosexual lifestyle? Should same-sex marriage be discouraged? I think the answer to all of these questions is ‘Yes.’ Apart from any religious objections a person may have, a strong case can be made that homosexuality is bad for America. In other words, we do not need religion to tell us that homosexuality is wrong.

I agree with some things the Gay and Lesbian Community believe in. I agree that homosexuals should not be subjected to verbal or physical violence. I do not believe in being cruel or unkind to homosexuals or to anyone for that matter. Should homosexual sex between consenting adults be a crime? As an attorney, it is clear that the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution leaves this issue to the states. Under our Constitution each state should be free to decide whether homosexual sex will be a crime or not. However, as a voter, I question the wisdom of criminalizing homosexual sex between consenting adults.

Some people claim that there is a ‘right’ to be a homosexual. From a legal history point of view this claim is absurd. Under both the British and American common law homosexual sex was a crime. It was considered a crime against nature. From colonial times until 2003, homosexual sex was a crime in America. In addition, I am unaware of any legal tradition in the Western world that included a right to be a homosexual. Thus, the claim that there is a right to be a homosexual is a fraud. It follows that if there is no right to be a homosexual there cannot be a right to same-sex marriage. The true origin of the so called ‘right’ to be a homosexual is well known. It’s the dollar bill. If you make large enough political contributions, you can buy just about anything including a ‘right’ to be a homosexual. This is the origin of the so called ‘right’. It has been bought and paid for with PAC money. The Governors of New York and California are on the payroll of Gay activists. The U.S. Constitution had nothing to do with it.

There are seven (7) reasons why the homosexual lifestyle is bad for America.

First. The Health Consequences of Homosexuality. There are few things more destructive to a person’s health than the homosexual lifestyle. The number of diseases associated with homosexuality is well known. Since the beginning of the AIDS crisis, tens of thousands of young healthy Americans would not have died but for their homosexual activity. Since the AIDS crisis began, more than 600,000 Americans have died of the disease. This is more Americans that died in World Wars I & II, Korea, Vietnam and the Middle East combined. In 1987, the entire nation experienced a dramatic display of how deadly the homosexual lifestyle can be. In a National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights, thousands of quilts were made into panels listing the names of those who have died of AIDS. These quilts were on display at the National Mall. As Katherine Bishop of the New York Times reported--- “Nearly all of the panels pay homage to gay men . . . ”

See Denying AIDS its Sting: A Quilt for Life, October 5,1987. By publicly listing these names, even the Gay community acknowledged the deadly nature of homosexuality. Eventually, drug users and the heterosexual community in general suffered from the HIV/AIDS virus. However, to this day, the vast majority of the victims of the HIV/AIDS virus in the United States continue to be men who have sex with men (MSM). A FACT SHEET issued by the Centers for Disease Control confirmed this: “CDC estimates that MSM account for just
2% of the U.S. population, but account for 61% of all new HIV infections in 2009.”

A more recent publication by the CDC put the percentage even higher:
“Although MSM represent about 4% of the male population in the United States, in 2010, MSM accounted for 78% of the new HIV infections among males and 63% of all new infections.” See HIV In the United States: At a Glance.

To download a free copy go to:

The homosexual lifestyle is so unhealthy that the Food and Drug Administration prohibits Gay men from donating blood in the United States. According to the FDA, any male who has had sex with another male since 1977 is barred from donating blood. To read the FDA policy concerning Gay men, go to: Search for: Blood Donations from Men Who Have Sex with Other Men Questions and Answers.

Homosexuality is a serious killer. Although the numbers are much smaller, nevertheless, the Gay lifestyle is a killer along with smoking, alcohol abuse and other unhealthy behaviors.

Another reason homosexuality is very unhealthy is the level of promiscuity within the Gay community. As a group, the homosexual community is very promiscuous. And this fact is a major contributor to their high fatality rate. To be sure, not every homosexual is promiscuous. There are exceptions. While the estimates vary, one estimate suggests that before the AIDS crisis began the average homosexual had 50 different sex partners per year. It should be obvious to anyone that the opportunity for disease in this situation is virtually unlimited. Death is never very far for a promiscuous homosexual. By contrast, a married heterosexual couple can easily live a full healthy life free from any Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD).

Hundreds of millions of married heterosexuals need not fear of dying from a STD. This cannot be said for homosexuals. If Scott Thorson is correct, the entertainer Liberace was very sexually promiscuous. Scott Thorson at the age of 16 became one of Liberace’s homosexual lovers. Thorson claims that when Liberace became infected with AIDS, that he in turn infected other homosexuals all of whom have now died. See the interview with Scott Thorson on Entertainment Tonight, April 30, 2012. To the extent that the members of the homosexual community suffer adverse health consequences due to their promiscuity, the health of the general community is adversely affected as well.

Suppose these Gay men who have died of AIDS could speak to us now? What would they say? Would they say that Gay sex is worth dying for? Does anyone doubt that they would do everything possible to warn us against homosexuality? And that they would oppose celebrating Gay Pride Day in the public schools?

Second. America Needs to Go Green Sexually. We hear that America should go ‘Green’ in meeting our national energy needs and in keeping our environment clean. That America should adopt a Green policy for every area of our life and that we should live in harmony with nature as much as possible. We should drink clean water, breath clean air and eat healthy food. For reasons that are not clear, this Green philosophy has not extended to homosexuality. If there is any human activity that is unnatural it must be homosexual sex. When we engage in homosexual sex, our body quickly tells us that we are doing something unnatural to it. Inserting an erect penis in the anus of another human being is not only unhealthy but unnatural. The rectum is not a sexual organ and it has no role in sexual reproduction. The rectum is designed to discharge solid waste. It is not designed to receive sperm or a penis. When you combine excrement with sperm you cannot produce a baby. Anal sex is repulsive to human sensibilities and our body reacts violently against it with disease and death. Anyone who participates in it is playing Russian Roulette with their life. If we listen to our body, we will know why homosexuality is wrong. If you truly believe in a Green philosophy, the conclusion is inescapable. The homosexual lifestyle is the antithesis of a clean healthy Green lifestyle. The members of the homosexual
community should listen to the wisdom from nature-- ‘Listen to Your Body.’ Homosexuality is bad for the human environment.

Third. The Homosexual Lifestyle is Wrong Because it Cannot Create a Family. If there ever was a contradiction of terms, it is ‘Same-Sex Marriage’ or ‘Gay Marriage.’ Homosexual marriage can never exist in the true sense of the word. No matter what a government may do, a homosexual couple can never truly be married. The government may issue them a marriage license but that is as close to marriage they will ever get. For a real marriage to exist the seed to create life must be present. The potential to create a family must exist. And two homosexual partners can never create a family. They can form an association but not a family. The Gay community fights hard for same-sex marriage because they want us to believe that homosexuality is the same as heterosexuality and that a homosexual marriage is the same as a heterosexual marriage. That they are equal. This of course is a farce. To prove that this is not true consider some of the great families in America. Consider for example the Kennedy Family or the Ford Family. Most of us are familiar with the Kennedy Family. The blood line in the Kennedy Family goes from Joseph P. Kennedy to President Kennedy and to his children. Then there are the brothers, Bobby and Ted Kennedy and their children. The Kennedy Family Tree is enormous. Only the heterosexual lifestyle can produce a family tree like the Kennedy Family. By definition, homosexuals can never produce a blood line from one generation to the next much less produce a family tree with second and third cousins and great grandparents. Some families in Europe can trace their bloodlines back for hundreds of years. This is impossible for homosexuals. The inability to produce a blood line or an extended family tree is compelling evidence against the claim that homosexuality is in any sense the same as heterosexuality. Indeed, it proves the opposite. It proves that homosexuality as a lifestyle is wholly inferior to heterosexuality.

Please understand that when I use the word ‘inferior’ I am not referring to a person or to an individual homosexual. I am referring solely to the lifestyle.

Someone might argue that a ninety-year old heterosexual couple who are newly married invalidates my argument. Since they have no potential to create a family. The error here is obvious. There are exceptions to any rule and an exception to the rule does not invalidate the rule itself. It is the lifestyle or the community that establishes the definition of marriage. Marriage as an institution is the creation of the heterosexual community and therefore the institution of marriage belongs to them alone. This is one of the reasons homosexuals have never asked to be married before. For 6,000 years of human history there never has been a serious effort to extend marriage to homosexuals. Their promiscuous lifestyle is anti-marriage. Again, the fact that an individual heterosexual may be unable to reproduce does invalidate the general principle.

Fourth. The Homosexual Lifestyle is Wrong Because it Must Engage in Predatory Conduct. Either overtly or covertly, homosexuals must engage in predatory conduct. They have no choice. This does not mean that they must commit a crime. But they must look to the heterosexual community for their numbers. Since homosexuals cannot reproduce themselves, they are dependent upon the heterosexual community. Every homosexual owes his/her existence to heterosexual sex. Thus, the claim that homosexuality is somehow equal to or just as valid as a lifestyle is wrong. In a biological sense, the heterosexual community can easily exist without the homosexual community. But the homosexual community is totally dependent upon the heterosexual community for its very survival. Here again, this dependence proves the inferiority of the homosexual lifestyle. As before, I am not saying that a homosexual is an inferior person. I am referring to the lifestyle.

Fifth. Evolution Teaches Us That Homosexuality is Wrong. Since life on this planet owes its existence to evolution, our public policy should be guided by evolutionary principles. It is obvious that evolution and nature
discourage homosexuality. A cardinal doctrine of human evolution is reproduction. For human evolution to exist there must be reproduction. Without human reproduction, human life on this planet would cease to exist.
And it is here that homosexuality violates a cardinal principle of evolution. Homosexuals cannot reproduce. As a consequence, evolution severely punishes homosexuality with small numbers and death. It is
estimated that the homosexual community makes up no more than 2% of the total U.S. population. With this small size, evolution is sending us a clear message concerning homosexuality: ‘WRONG DIRECTION.’ We note that for decades the Gay community propagated a lie that 10% of the U.S. population was homosexual. The Los Angeles Public Schools participated in a program called Project 10 based upon this lie. Now we know better. Since evolution clearly favors heterosexuality, our public policy should reflect that fact. Limiting marriage to heterosexuals is justified based on evolutionary principles of life and reproduction. Again, the claim that homosexuality is the same as heterosexuality is proven false. The numbers tell the story.

One of the arguments homosexuals make to support same-sex marriage is the claim that they are ‘born that way’ and therefore they should be allowed to marry. Here again, human evolution may guide us. Even if we assume that homosexuality is genetic, and this is a very generous assumption, this fact alone is not sufficient to allow same-sex marriage. Nature does not favor homosexuality. Nature prefers heterosexuality. Thus, the fact that a homosexual may be ‘born that way’ does not justify violating nature’s choice. Consider this fact. The average 18 year-old male has a natural desire to have sex with as many females as possible. Even though a 18 year-old male is clearly ‘born that way,’ that does not justify his demand to have a polygamous marriage. Nor does it excuse his desire to have sex with as many 15 year-old girls as possible. When considered from an evolutionary point of view, the ‘born that way’ argument has little or no merit.

Sixth. Homosexuality is Harmful to the Community at Large. Gay groups claim that homosexuality does not harm anyone. Obviously, this is not true. It is estimated that there are about 2,000 public restrooms and locations throughout the United States where homosexuals congregate for anonymous sex. According to ABC News, “Public places like men’s restrooms, in airports and train stations, truck stops, university libraries and parks, have long been places where gay men and bisexual men, particularly those in the closet, congregate in order to meet for anonymous sex.”

See Secret Signals: How Some Men Cruise for Sex, August 28, 2007. If anyone wants to learn about homosexuality, visit the stalls in many of America’s public restrooms. This is where the true character of homosexuality is revealed. This is where it thrives. Former U.S. Senator Larry Craig found one location at the Men’s Room in the Minneapolis-St. Paul InternationalAirport. On June 11, 2007, the Senator was arrested by Detective Dave Karsnia for lewd conduct. The Senator later plead guilty to a lesser charge. Having this kind of activity going on in a public restroom harms everyone. It’s a health hazard to the community. In addition, when a homosexual becomes infected with the HIV virus and then AIDS etc. that person will in many instances seek financial aid from the government for medical care. To be sure, anyone with the HIV/AIDS virus who cannot afford medical care should receive help from the government. I do not want anyone to die. But the cost to the taxpayer can be enormous. Tens of billions of dollars have already been spent on HIV/AIDS research and related diseases. Thus, the total wealth of the nation has been adversely impacted by homosexuality and its consequences. When tax dollars are spent, every American is affected one way or another by homosexuality. And when Gay men use the public restroom for anonymous sex, this is a clear menace to the public health of the nation. Notwithstanding what the Gay community claims, the homosexual lifestyle harms everyone.

Seventh. The Homosexual Lifestyle is Bad for Children. The welfare of our children is the most important reason to oppose the homosexual lifestyle. If we consider the health consequences of homosexuality, its
promiscuity, its unnatural acts and its inability to create a family–all of these factors suggest that there are good reasons to keep homosexuality and children as far apart as possible.

Since the debate over Gay rights began in the United States, there is one constituent that has been left behind -- our children. Our children are the most vulnerable members of our society. And they are the biggest losers in the debate over same-sex marriage. Unfortunately, children have very little political power. They don’t give PAC money to politicians. This means that when the issue of homosexuality comes up, their best interest is forgotten.

Since a homosexual couple cannot reproduce, their interest in children is entirely optional. Children are not part of their sexual orientation. They never have to worry about a child being born because of their sex.
Children effectively become invisible. This is not the case with a heterosexual couple. The chances of a young heterosexual couple having a child is almost a certainty. Thus, within the heterosexual community
children are an important part of their sexual orientation. And unlike most homosexual couples, the overwhelming majority of heterosexual couples want to have children. It is true that some do not, but in either case, important decisions concerning children must be made. This is not the case for homosexuals.

This difference has an enormous impact on how each community views children. Homosexuals and heterosexuals do not have the same attitudes toward children. The way ‘two daddies’ view an adopted child is not the same as a biological father with his own children. From an evolutionary point of view, the biological father’s attitudes are infinitely preferable. The commitment of a biological father to his children’s survival is almost unlimited. The same is true for a biological mother. Thus, a heterosexual couple is in the best interest of children.

Every child deserves to have a mother and a father. Human evolution teaches us that both parents have an essential role in the development of a child. A child learns important feminine traits from the mother. A child
learns important masculine traits from the father. Both parents compliment each other in their respective roles before a child. Human evolution teaches us that both parents have an important role after a child’s birth as well as before the birth. Only a father and a mother can properly answer this question from a child, how did I get here? Same-sex parents, if there is such a thing, can never answer this question.

It is when we consider the welfare of children that we learn how truly selfish the Gay community is. There are many Gay activists whose sole interest in children is to prove that they can create a family. Admittedly,
this is not true for all Gay couples. But politics has a lot to do with it. There can be no question that giving a child that has no biological ties to a homosexual couple is the ultimate form of state-sponsored child abuse. Gay adoption is never in the best interest of a child. Of course, a child whose natural parent is a homosexual is a different matter. In this case, the parent does have rights.

It is true that not every child can have a father and a mother in the home. Corrupt government policies have already damaged the American family. But it should be our public policy to do everything possible to encourage that goal.

Sadly, too many homosexuals have another interest in children. Harry Hay, who according to the LA Times is considered to be the founder of the modern Gay rights movement, would have no objection to the sexual
relationship between Liberace and Scott Thorson. In the 1980's, Harry Hay gave several speeches at New York University, etc. advocating sex with boys as young as 13 years old. You can read his speeches at the NAMBLA web page. In 1999, Harry Hay was ‘honored’ as the Grand Marshal of the Gay Pride Parade in San Francisco.

My friend, I believe there are good reasons to oppose homosexuality. Only the American family can lead us forward to a bright future. The homosexual lifestyle will lead us backward.

David W. New is a member of the Maryland and Washington, D.C. bars. He is the author of The Constitution for Beginners.

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