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Never Give Up

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By Pat Cox

It has been reported recently in the news that comatose Ariel Sharon, who doctors thought was in a vegetative state, showed significant brain activity when shown images and sounds he was familiar with.

My father was married four times. My mother was his second wife. His third wife, Judy, was a non-practicing Jew. They had one child named Linda.

Judy, in her retirement years, came down with breast cancer. She had surgery and chemotherapy. The doctors were able to get rid of the cancer, however she eventually developed bone cancer.

She was on her death bead. My half-sister Linda, who is a born-again Christian, was panicky about her mother dying for she knew that her mother did not know Christ. She witnessed to her mother and Judy prayed the sinner's prayer.

Judy did not die but instead got better. She went from needing a wheelchair to walking without aide and she lived her life as if she had never been sick.

Judy was water baptized and attended church for awhile. When she moved into a retirement home that was mainly for Jews she stopped going to Church basically. She attended Jewish Worship Service on Saturday and occasionally Christian Worship Service on Sunday.

Linda talked to her about mainly going to Jewish Worship Services and not Christian Worship Services. Judy said that she was just trying to cover her bases. Linda told her that it was either Jesus or Judaism; it could not be both.

About 2 yrs later the cancer returned. Again it was in her bones. She was in a coma and on her death bed.

The hospital called Linda one night and told her that her mother was dying and would be dead by morning.

Linda and my brother, who was raised with Linda, went to see her. They reminisced about the past and told her about the good times that they had together.

They asked Judy to give some kind of indication that she could hear them like blink an eye, wiggle a toe, and etc. Judy gave no response.

Finally, Linda said "Mom, your time has come." She witnessed Jesus to her mother again. Linda told her that it was either Jesus or Judaism it could not be both. Linda said that if she wanted Jesus to pray after her. Linda prayed the sinner's prayer.

Afterwards, Linda said to her mother, "Jesus is here. His hand is stretched out to you. If you want Jesus then lift you arm, place your hand into His, and He will take you home."

My brother, who was looking at Judy the whole time while Linda was praying said "Look Linda" as Judy raised her arm into the air and drew her last breath. Judy let her family know that she had made a decision for Jesus.

You may have a loved one or even a friend that you know is not saved or is not living for God and you are concerned for their soul and have been praying for their salvation or return to God They are on their death bed, in a coma, and you feel like it is all over with.

No, it is not. They can hear you, they can think, and they can make a decision for Jesus.

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