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Prince of Who’s Church?

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For some time now I been seeing and hearing the term “Prince Of The Lords Church” in reference to the Office of the Bishop. Now that term sounds real good but I always wondered where it came from and most importantly if ts biblical.

Please do understand that I’m not saying the Bishop isn’t Biblical because it is. I am wondering where is term came from and why it’s become so popular over night.

I did my research to find out that the term isn’t Biblical at all. It’s actually a term founded in the Catholic church but yet so many black Churches use it so freely.

This is what I found the meaning to be ….The term Prince of the Church is nowadays used nearly exclusively for Catholic Cardinals. However the term is historically more important as a generic term for clergymen whose offices hold the secular rank and privilege of a prince (in the widest sense) or are considered its equivalent. In the case of Cardinals, they are always treated in protocol as equivalents of royal prince.

Please we must know what were saying and claim to be AFTER proper research. Knowledge is power!

Writen by Curtis D. Whiteman

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