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Remembering Andrew Breitbart

Thu, Mar. 01, 2012 Posted: 09:50 PM

I first met Andrew on the set of the new series, Courage, New Hampshire, a colonial one-hour drama shot in LA. He explained to me that this was his first acting gig and was very excited. He was offered a role on some TV series before this but the timing didn't work out. I ran lines with him and I could tell he was stressing out a bit about his role. There was a rule on set about not talking politics, but Andrew quickly broke this rule to start a debate with a fellow "liberal" actor. Victoria Jackson was on set that day also and began to tape the debate and I added a few words but let Andrew do his magic, which can be seen here

Whether or not you agreed with Andrew's political views should not matter when it comes to the loss to his family. He spoke about his love for his family and I feel so sad for his wife and children. Andrew told me he wanted to do more acting but he never will now. His last and only acting role can be seen in the second episode of Courage, New Hampshire, The Sons of Liberty, which you can watch online or order the DVD here

Andrew and I had many friends in common and we stayed in touch through Facebook. I will miss him and his laughter.

Gary Moore is an actor based in Greenville, SC, and has acted in the Christian films The Shunning and Return to the Hiding Place.

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