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Who Does God Want Me to Vote For?

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So Who Should I Vote For?

Here is the proof I am not just a mushy moderate. I know some may be thinking I was safe discussing this concept in theory, but why did I have to talk about politics again? Why did I have to go here? It’s great to have this new insight regarding human disagreements, but what about the real world? What are we going to do about choosing the elected representatives who will lead our country? This is where I may upset some of you.

If the Holy Bible gave us the understanding of the male (conservative) and female (liberal) perspectives, it also has something to say about the kind of direction our nation should take. If you are still struggling with any of us receiving instruction from an ancient book, I would again suggest you read our book, “It Really Is God’s Book” to see some amazing and distinguishing facts that prove the validity of the Bible as the only authentic revelation of the one true God.

I must stipulate one caveat here that may irritate some. We need to have God’s Spirit to understand its mysteries. And we only receive His Spirit by surrendering our lives to Jesus Christ. When we meet the author, the book really makes sense.

We are going deeper, so please hang in until the end. There is nothing like choosing a country’s elected leaders that can make a group of people turn into an angry mob. Asking who we will vote for is like asking, who do we want to live with after our parents’ divorce—our mom or our dad?

If We Choose the Female Side of Government (Our Mom), She will…

She will fight for us to have a decent minimum wage. She will fight for our artistic rights and our freedom of expression (she still has our drawings that used to hang on the refrigerator). She will courageously fight for justice and to liberate the poor who have been falsely convicted because they couldn’t afford a good lawyer.

If we do become commit a crime and become imprisoned, she will fight to get us educated and she will fight to get us rehabilitated so we will have the skills to work when we get out. She will also work with the disadvantaged and disenfranchised among us to obtain health care for their family so their medical bills won’t bankrupt the family, leaving them on the streets.

She will fight to protect the environment we live in from over-development and pollution that can cause all manner of disease. She will protect our rights from the big corporate monopolies that would like to have a permanent underclass of cheap labor. She will insist that the nations we do business with overseas also have the same worker’s rights and protections we do so that our nation will be morally consistent here and abroad. She will compassionately reach out and welcome any immigrant coming to America in search of a better life for their family. She will always find a way to make the food in her pantry feed those in her home. Don’t you just love mom? She will remind us that Jesus commands us to reach out to the poor and the powerless.

If We Choose the Male Side of Government (Our Dad), He will…

He will fight to keep ever growing big government from taking our rights and freedoms by micro managing every aspect of our life. He will fight to keep wasteful bureaucracies from making us work 6 months out of the year for the government before we earn money for our family. He will fight the false utopia of socialism and communism that enslaves millions around the world. He will provide a safe haven for the desperate multitudes seeking to escape those communist countries. He will provide us with a strong military and a strong police force to ensure the peace and safety of our family and our nation.

He will make sure career criminals are locked away or executed so they can never harm innocent people again. He will fight the killing of innocent unborn children. He will fight to rid America of drugs in the streets as well as those in the classroom prescribed by misguided educators afraid of disciplining children. He will fight the efforts of the Left to remove Christianity from our schools, from our universities and media throughout the nation. He will remind the Woman that there just isn’t enough money to fund all her compassion projects. He will remind us that our freedoms come from God and not the government. He will remind us that the government should not be the god we look to, but rather we should look to the God of heaven and earth to be our provider.

So Who Will You Vote For?

This seems to be more difficult for all of us with each election cycle. Both political wings violate their own promises and convictions with regularity. Our system seems to be hijacked by unseen forces rendering well meaning people impotent to bring reforms. There almost seems to be a conspiracy to bring about the demise of our nation with its freedoms and liberties.

Some say it is because both sides have lost a healthy fear of God. Some in our nation have asked God to leave our public institutions so we are left with carnal people devoid of godly wisdom making life and death decisions for the country. With no absolutes, we have been trying to build a society using different tape measures; no wonder the national building is teetering and near collapse.

For me it is less about voting for a person or party and more about voting for a philosophical direction I think the country should go. I find it increasingly more difficult each year to vote for any of the political parties because the Biblical virtues I believe in have been so abused by each of them.

When a young person asks my opinion on the matter I often tell them as a believer in Christ I choose what I believe will best support the advancement of the kingdom of God. This may not always be what looks best for the country. As a Christian I usually side with the…

By Jeffery Krall via One Lord One Body

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