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Your Pastor Has Your Keys

Wed, Apr. 13, 2016 Posted: 01:45 PM

Jeremiah 3:15

"And I will give you pastors according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding."

It's my belief that when God created your Pastor he had you in mind. The office of "Pastor" is one of the 5 ministry gifts from God. There are many Pastors but there's only one Pastor destined for you. You are to be held accountable to him/her concerning your salvation and life decisions while him/her is responsible for your spiritual development.

Look at your gift and imagine its in a vault. God has the master key and he gave the spare to your Pastor. While many others (Pastors,Evangelist & Prophets) might have a key that fits their key won't work only your God ordained Pastor has a key that fits and unlocks your gift. Your Pastor is the key to your development!

I challenge you to serve in your assembly in order to develop. We have some Strong Leaders in the Bible and they all served. Elisha served Elijah before he received his mantle, David served Saul before he became King, The Disciples served Jesus then became Apostles and even Jesus had to obey his Parents before he began Ministry.

Wanna be Great? Serve!

 Curtis D. Whiteman is a Husband, father, and inspirational speaker. Follow Curtis' Twitter account for inspirational and wisdom packed tweets that will enrich your walk with Christ.

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