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10 Bruce Lee Inspired Workout Plan

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In the recent times, various diseases and ailments are making their way to people; therefore, ensuring that you are always conscious of your body weight is the answer to staying healthy. Whether you are underweight or overweight, you should ensure you always stay fit. Exercise is critical for anyone and everyone. Allocating, at least, half an hour each day can be the answer to saving yourself from a lot of life-threatening conditions. Hence, allocate some time every day to exercise your muscles and get your heart to beat. Make sure you engage in workouts that will make you stronger and burn more calories at the same time. Depending on the age, preference and time, you can always choose an exercising plan that best suits. Nowadays, exercising specialists and workout experts have adopted moves from various move stars, traditional procedures and athletic poses to use them as part of their training or using workout plans. There are various Bruce Lee inspired workout plans that you can always choose from.

Organise your workout by similarities
Bruce Lee used to split his exercising programme into similar activities on a daily basis. This was very effective as it helped him put more effort and energy on one activity hence achieving most effective results. Also, he used to vary his training on one activity with different types of equipment and under different training grounds. The lesson behind split training is to focus on one activity by splitting your activities and allocating each activity its day hence obtaining maximum results from one activity. For men to properly workout their abs, they require organising their workout plan to work their entire bodies effectively.
Keep it simple, stupid

Bruce was greatly concerned with strength exercises to build his muscles. One of the best lessons you can learn from Bruce strength exercises is to start from simple exercise and see each exercise as a bridge to another one rather as a means of developing a competitive edge. Most people rush in undertaking exercises to realise immediate results but this will only end up hurting you rather than helping you realize the most effective results.

Roadwork does work
Apart from observing his routine, Bruce Lee used to vary and skipped in between his diet plan. In the recent days, skipping time or extending some exercising time has been overtaken by high-intensity training. Skipping or extending some training hours is very important to keep you on your feet and at the same time boost your physical fitness.

Abdominal work is a good thing
Lee always wanted and worked for the best and most effective results. Although in the recent days workout experts highly discourage their trainees in engaging in intensified abdominal exercising, Lee was passionate about intensified abdominal exercising. This is because according to a recent research, intensified abdominal exercising may be of great damage to your spine.

Clean and press
This exercise involves lifting the weight from the floor up through your shoulders above your head using your hands. To make this an endurance and cardio exercise ensure you do not rest in between the reps involving lifting and lowering back to the floor. When you do not stop in between the reps you make the exercise clean and press as well as workout strength training.

For many years, squats have been used as a fitness exercise but most people do not know how to appropriately proceed with the squat exercise. To reinforce the squat, Lee used to place a barbell on his shoulders before engaging in the exercise. Ensure you do not stop in the lower position for rest to effectively work the glutes, hips, calves, hamstrings and quadriceps.

In the recent days, people only use this exercising technique as a form of breathing exercise or rib box expander. Lee was very passionate about this exercising technique as he incorporated it with other intensified physical exercises to produce one numerous strength and fitness exercise. This technique involves lying on a bench and lowering a weight from your belly through your thorax until it almost touches down behind your head.

Bench press
Lee largely incorporated bench press as a major technique in his training session to develop and expand his chest muscles. This exercising technique is one of the best ab workouts for men. In the recent days, the bench press is not perceived as an effective exercising technique among martial artists because it expands the rib cage which is a major weakness among martial artists when it comes to fighting.

Good mornings
This exercise technique is largely used as a limbering exercise. But great caution should be taken while engaging in this exercise to avoid any damages on your back and hip joints and muscles. This exercising technique is very effective in working the back and hip muscles.


Achieving and maintaining a sound physical condition, losing weight and getting physically fit is not a one-time thing but a process that requires great effort and patience. For Bruce Lee, the sky was the limit until in the early 70s when he decided to make major changes in his workout plan when he realised too much mass was not functioning well according to his expectations. He used to engage in intensified training by skipping and varying in between activities to ensure that all his body muscles were properly and sufficiently worked out.


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