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5 Common Mistakes Men Make With Women

Fri, Jan. 08, 2016 Posted: 04:10 AM

Many couples have a great sex life, but unfortunately, many don’t as well. A lot of times, the reason for this stem from mistakes that the men make in the bedroom. It may be hard for some men to admit that they have weaknesses, or to ask a woman what pleases her. Here are five most common mistakes men make in bed, according to women across the globe.

1. An Unkempt Room/House
A major turnoff for women is going to a man’s crib/home and seeing it untidy or just plain dirty. The woman feels like the man was not just unprepared, but not respectful enough to want to make his home welcoming for her. It is bad enough if a house is messy but once it’s dirty, it’s almost guaranteed that there will be no coziness that night. The woman will quickly come up with an excuse to leave. The chances of that man getting another date are usually slim to none. Should go for enlargement exercises for men are very beneficial.

Next time, tidy up the house and set the tone when you arrive home by offering her something to drink and playing some soulful music. Let your pad look like somewhere she’s want to relax and snuggle with you in the couch and get intimate.

2. Jumping Her
There is nothing a woman hates like a man just jumping her for sex. It’s understandable that you’ve been anticipating this moment throughout the date. You also felt like the ride home was taking forever. However, she wants to feel like she’s worth something and that you weren’t dining her just to get into the sack. Talk to her about the evening. Build the mood, then make your approach, if by then she doesn’t approach you first…:) Even then, let her wait by being gentle, looking at her, kissing slowly and taking a while to remove her clothes. By then she will be so heated that every moment after will be explosive.

The important thing is not to start jumping her in the car, in the garage or just about anywhere. Building the anticipation and ending up having great sex will lead to her gloating to her gal pals.

3. Lack of Foreplay
Maybe this should have been number one. Yes, it is a major mood killer that women have complained about for many years. While it is easy for a man just to be ready for sex, women oftentimes need a build up. This is especially so if the mood was not already set prior to going into the bedroom. If you’ve managed to get her that far, then let it be worth it. Use your eyes, your fingers, your mouth and maybe some sex objects to tease her from head to toe.

The heat will be so intense that she’ll literally beg you to take her. There is no greater sex than one beset by foreplay. If a woman doesn’t feel like her body is appreciated, it could affect her self-esteem and her ability to react to lovemaking. Even worse, she will not want the second round.

4. Using Derogatory Words
Despite some movies making it seem as though women like being called dirty names, the reality is that most women really don’t. In fact, I’ve never met a woman who desires to be called derogatory names. You have to remember that not everything shown in the movies is a depiction of real life. Women, despite being able to behave wild in bed, are very sensitive beings. They like being told nice things about their bodies and being called attractive names.

Find out the things that she likes most and call her names relating to those things. You’ll be surprised how much she’ll unleash her inner being and give it all to you. However, if you make the mistake of calling her filthy names, thinking it will release all inhibitions, you will have a woman locking up on you. In fact, eye contact will be reduced to zero and she will begin folding her arms across her body or reaching for the sheets. Next time you feel like becoming too animalistic, remembers the sensitivity of women (even when they act tough). They take pride in their bodies and showing her you appreciate it will give you major points in the bedroom.

5. Not Responding to Her Needs
One of the biggest mistakes men make in bed is to ignore the messages that a woman sends with her body. While sex is for both parties to enjoy, it takes more for a woman to enjoy the encounter. Some women will reach orgasm quickly while others take a lot of work. Some positions are far more comfortable for a woman than others and you should therefore, note her responses to each position. Does she moan with pleasure or does she grimace in pain?

A woman trying to pull away more than once, is an indicator that the position is uncomfortable or painful. If you force her to remain in that position, she will either get angry or just lose interest. Be assured, there will be no fun after that


Daisy Grace